Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eye Spy - Something I Shouldn't Eat But Do Anyway

Oh Yeah...definitely Blue Bell

My downfall in life is ice cream -- and it absolutely must be Blue Bell -- and the top two are Cookies 'n Cream and Moo-llennium Crunch (totally decadent). If there is ice cream in the freezer, it calls to me like a siren song and gets me in trouble every time. I can't just have a little ice cream, I must have huge scoops of unprecedented size. As much as I can cram into my bowl.

So, to try to get past this, my hubby (who can eat only a tiny bit and be satisfied, the snake) started to buy it in the pint size. But no, this did not work -- we would finish the whole thing between us -- and definitely not evenly -- a bit heavier on my side. So, now I simply cannot have the heavenly Blue Bell around at all. Well, maybe every now and then ;)

But wait!! They've now come out with Blue Bell on a stick!!

I am saved!!!

(For more delicious gotta haves, go to bugandpop and join in!)


Bek said...

Oh Yum! Cookies and cream icecream is one of my favourites... but then I am pretty easy to please when it comes to icecream!!

Cindy said...

I try not to be judgemental when it comes to my ice-cream, mine is an all encompassing kind if love


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