Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is the third time really the charm?

This will eventually be a cowl, I hope. I've had more silly trouble with this and it's such an easy pattern. Just basically double and half double crochet. What could be simpler?

Yesterday I got about 10 inches of it done and about a skein and a half used, and then (oh no, couldn't have been sooner, oh no) I checked it for size. And it was HUGE! So after much deliberation and gnashing of teeth, I pulled it all out. And started again. Got the chain twisted when joining into a circle. Started again. Got the chain twisted. Started again... what's the matter with me, I said. I answered, just put it down and start again tomorrow.

So I did and it seems to be going OK. But this is all I've gotten done today. A visit from my sweetest granddaughter happened and crochet did not happen. I'll work on it more tonight, and hopefully, it will begin to resemble a cowl!
I have no idea why the typing is ending up like this - it's coming from the right and I can't seem to change it. Weird.
OK, onward and upward. Tomorrow's another day and all that... :)Posted by Picasa

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Leahdis said...

Oh no, I know exactly how you feel. Im knitting a circular scarf and it to is quite simple but not long enough and looks a tad sad! Im thinking of starting over too. Oh well thems the breaks. Good luck with your cowl.(love cowls)


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