Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Creative Space

Actually, this is *our* creative space! Noli loves to "needle" while I crochet so today she's needling her sewing cards. As you can see, she's very adept at it (grin). (She's also very dirty from playing outside!)

And, the backside -- this one goes waaaay over there!
In the meantime, I'm sneaking some crochet time on one of her Christmas presents -- a market basket full of fruits and veggies. I've got a bit more left to do on the basket and a handle to add. I love it that I can work on it while she sits beside me and she never suspects a thing!! I've kept the veggies out of her sight though.

My favorite is the corn on the cob -- isn't it hysterical? Next will be an avocado since she loves quacomole. Potatoes would be good too.

I also had made her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich some time ago.

So, that's my creative space for this week. For more neat spaces, go here and add yours.
See ya'll next year!!


SurrealDesign said...

The crochet fruit and food is gorgeous, I was endeavouring to get some felt food done for my DD for xmas, but haven't got there yet *blush* hehe
Great Creative Space! :)

Sarah Slaven said...

You are so clever, Im sure she'll love the fruit.


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