Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ha Ha! Fooled You!! Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Have you ever tried an April Fool prank, only to have it backfire on you?  And maybe you even got in trouble for all your efforts?

Well it happened to me.  I was about 8 or 9 and thought it would be hilarious to put sugar in the salt shaker and salt in the sugar bowl.  This was aimed at my big brother (12 years older).  So he sprinkles his Cheerios with some "sugar," took a big spoonful.......and, well, you can imagine the response!

I got "the lecture" -- now, mind you, even with the difference in age, we were and still are very close.  As a kid I always looked up to him (still do actually) so when I say I was totally embarassed and mortified at his reaction....well, let's just say I don't think I ever performed another prank again.

I did find some "prankishness" as I wandered around Etsy (but no sugar bowls with salt in them)!  Hope your April Fools Day is full of funny stuff that doesn't ruin your bowl of cereal....

Did I do tha-at? Sneak this on your co-worker's desk and let it spill onto their big report…..innocently walk by and see what happens! You wouldn't believe the life-like spills in this shop -- coffee, cocoa, soda, even Snapple! There's even fake food -- cheese and crackers, sugar cubes, butter pats, bowls of soup. Really neat shop. Well, except for the spills! :)  (Spilled Can of Soda by FakeFoodDecor)

"Now where did I leave my teeth?" Put these in a glass and leave them in your guest bathroom -- and just listen to the gossip at your next party!! I think the gold tooth is hilarious!! This shop is full of candles and tarts that look so real that I wouldn't just leave them out on the table!! Somebody might just take a bite!! S'mores, cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, cinnamon buns -- oh my goodness!  (False Teeth Tart Melts by Bright View Country Candles)

 Hide behind these mustaches and nobody will know who you are -- or tell them you just forgot to shave this morning! I really love the pink stitching and flower button on the girl's! This shop has cute mustaches and also has lots of really lovely hair clips, hats, totes, even jewelry and small art works made of wool felt. Most everything out of felt or felted wool. Beautiful.  (His 'n Her Handlebar Mustaches By Glorious Hats)

Like the name implies, this shop has a bag for every season and holiday. This April Fools bag is really cute with its little flaps that hide and then flip up to say "April Fools!" Coming up, there's the sweetest one for May Day with its flowers, birds and sun -- a great bag for spring and summer. And the Fourth of July bag has a flag! All crocheted with beaded accents, these bags are really unique! Go give this new shop some love!!  (April Fools Purse by Season Bags)

Oh my gosh! You can only type "April Fool" on this keyboard! Look closely -- can you see it?  Exchange your spouse's, kid's or that unsuspecting co-worker's keyboard with this one and watch the grins happen! Actually, you can still type normally on it -- the keys are just switched around! (April Fool on you!) (April Fools Keyboard by Andyabel)


Even better, get in early and rig that co-worker's desk -- you know, the one who's always playing jokes. Switch the keyboard, leave the spill, hang the bag on the chair and leave your false teeth in their coffee cup. Just be sure to wear your mustache so they won't know who did it!! All in good fun, of course ;-)

~~~~~ April Fool!!! ~~~~~  


Glorious Hats said...

Oh, oh, you got me laughing. And so enjoyed being included in the pranking party. I admit, I intend to wear my own faux mustache for April Fools Day. Will the farm animals get the joke? Thanks for making my day, and for finding so many things to make the day special in so many ways.

Your summary paragraph is indeed the cat's pajamas!

And yes, I too will stay away from the salt - sugar switch.

Wishing you a grand day. Jane

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jane -- I dunno, the cows may be skeptical...

Almost Precious said...

What a great array of fun and novel shops. Love it !

And thanks so much for the sweet words you left on my blog...made me feel so much better. :)


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