Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No Housework Day! Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Tired of the drudgery of housework? Tired of doing the many endless tasks you do each and every day? Tired of all the machines that claim to do it all for you, but don't?

Well, put up your vacuums and dust cloths, TODAY IS NO HOUSEWORK DAY!!!!

Really, it's true, it occurs on April 7 every year! Mark your calendars!

Since I'm not doing any housework today, I'm shopping instead! So come along with me and we'll find all those things that we can shove to the back of the broom closet for today -- but we're gonna need them tomorrow (we'll have to play catch-up, you know…)

I remember hanging clothes on the clothesline when I was a kid -- I don't think I liked it very much. We had one of those umbrella style clotheslines so at least you could hide your undies from prying neighbor eyes….. Of course, my dad bought a dryer after I moved away from home. Hmmm, I wonder why he also got a dishwasher after I moved away. Methinks there was a plan here…. (or Mama put her foot down!)

Anyway, I had to do a lot of looking when I spotted this shop! Wonderful paintings, and what makes them so unique is that many of them are 3D!! The artist adds something to the painting, in this case, fabric for the sheets and tiny clothespins. Go give this new shop some love (and check out the bunny painting)! (Clothesline Acrylic Painting on Wood by LeDilly)
I'm not a huge fan of ironing but at the same time, I can't stand to wear wrinkled clothes! To get around this, I wear a lot of T-shirts :p If I've got to iron, I want to look at something cute like this -- I love the little hedgies nose-to-nose with the birds, and the mushrooms! Can't help but make you smile! Do you leave your board up all the time? Well, there are lots of sweet fabric choices to match your other room d├ęcor!! (Fresh and Funky Ironing Board Cover by Compelled to Craft)
Now here's the proper place for a vacuum cleaner! Just a little embroidered picture to remind you of what it actually looks like because, of course, it seldom gets used! At least in my house….. But then I also have one of those fancy, schmancy robot vacs! A dream come true (but he'd -- he is a "he" you know -- would tell you that he sits in the corner much too long between jaunts through the house)! Mr. Roomba Boomba can just get over himself…… Meanwhile, this cute stitchery would make me smile everyday! (Sweeper Savvy by Moxiedoll)
Since we're taking the day off, SOMEBODY'S got to do the cooking! Put this on your favorite guy and let him get to work! I love it that it's an actual tie decorating this apron -- the tie's tag is even sewn onto the pocket! Tell him he's got to be careful though -- wouldn't want to get spots on his favorite tie! (Manly Tie Apron by Totes N More)
 Now, after I get back from shopping, what do you think I'll be doing on this holiday? Why, enjoying the spa, of course! Treat yourself to a spa experience everyday with this box of delights -- even has green tea to sip while soaking in the bath! And such yummy ingredients! Everything is natural or organic. Be sure to read this shop's profile -- very interesting. (A Day at the Spa by Valley Green Naturals)
Oh, and here's a cute knitted mug cozy just for my green tea! Love it! It'll keep that tea warm while I doze in the tub….. (Green Tea Mug Cozy by Knit Storm)
Thanks for wandering around with me today -- please join me next week for my Wednesday Wanderings -- but excuse me right now so I can enjoy my spa experience in private!!!


lisaroy said...

I love these finds - especially the vacuum cleaner!

Almost Precious said...

Wow, April 7th has now become my very favorite day of the year. :)

You have found some great shops and some fantastic finds...that ironing board cover could actually, sort-of,possibly, perhaps make ironing kind-a, a little bit fun. LOL

Rebecca - iceblueberries said...

I wish I read this post earlier in the day! I had no idea there was such a day as "no housework day". Unfortunately, I read this a few hours too late. Maybe, I'll have my own 'no housework day' for myself on another day. It sounds like a great idea!

Also, I love the finds that you posted in the article. The tea cozy makes me want to curl up on the couch (an do no housework!)

southwestskyjewelry said...

Great Blog! I will mark my calender for next year, 4-7-2011. I shopped this year anyway, not much housework done on the 7th!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Just wanted to stop back by and thank ya'll for your comments -- let's have a party on April 7th next year!!!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

That ironing board cover is the cutest!

Found you on Etsy Forums
Here's my blog...


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