Thursday, June 3, 2010


Look what I got in the mail!!

My favorite candy snack in a pouch! Maybe I'll have to sneak my M&M's stash in it!!

It's a cute pouch from Beadlove2211 who make these really neat pouches from various snack/candy/cookie bags. They are covered in vinyl, lined with fabric, and zippered. She also makes bigger ones out of chip and cookie bags. Absolutely clever!

I am really lovin' mine! I'm going to use it for a little pouch to carry all my Very Important Coupons and Notes in -- I'm forever having to dig for them, or I leave them in the car, or I leave them on my dresser... Now I can put them in one place and they'll be there when I need them!!

And it's just so cute!!

Thank you, Carla!!


Danielle Renee said...

That is really cute! My son was ready to eat it too!

Angie said...

What a great idea! Peanut M&M's are my favorite as well so this pouch really caught my eye!

Thanks for the comment and so happy your granddaughter loved the pics! :)


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