Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Real Gifts for Real (Man Cave) Guys - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Got a Dad, husband, son, nephew, guy cousin, guy friend, some guy on your street with a man cave?  Or maybe there's a certain somebody in your very own house with a man cave...  Well, Dad's Day is coming up so today I'm wandering around Etsy shopping for unique, off the wall, crazy gifts for one of those guys!

There must be a sign so that everyone will know just where this man cave is -- this one tells it like it is!
Manly Man Cave Sign by From My Heart Prims

So what do these manly men do in their man caves?
Well, they work on their motorcycles.

They play poker with their buddies.

They build stuff.
Wooden Toy Toolbox Set by Grampa Bill's

They drink beer and watch the big game.

So, now you know -- their secret has been revealed!!

Thanks a lot for wandering around Etsy with me today. Hope you got some ideas for your manly man!!!
Join me again next week -- you never know what I'll find in the Etsy marketplace!


maureencracknell said...

Great items for men! Thanks for sharing!!!

Deanna said...

Too funny! Men are much happier when they have a man cave to retreat to.

Danielle Renee said...

I think there should be a man cave sign that says " I'm a man" just so everyone will know.

Ande said...

Very Cool! I love the retro mousepad! My hubby has more of a Gator Den than a Man Cave LOL. He's a huge FL Gators fan :)

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Thanks to each of you for your comments!

We just have to give them their own little area...while we take over the rest of the house!!


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