Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Challenge!

In my Create Crochet Etsy team, we were challenged to crochet a wedding item -- this was a bit out of the realm of my usual crochet so I really had to put my thinking cap on! I started with a Juliet cap which turned out pretty good, but didn't fit anybody but my little granddaughter, and she's much too young to get married!

So...thinking cap back on...

Next, I was going to do a bridal spa set -- but didn't like the way things were turning out.  Oh, man, what was I going to make?? Time was running out!!

I finally settled on this Bridal Keepsake Pouch and got the photos made yesterday and listed it today!

The plate behind it was my parents' wedding plate.

If you'd like to see the other wedding challenge submissions, go to the Facebook Album here. Lots of wedding lovelies to look at!


Julie said...


Anya Warda said...

What a precious little wedding keepsake!

The Art of Gwen - Gwen Duda's Fine Art Studio said...

That actually is pretty sweet. Nice job!


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