Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1 Holidays - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Would you believe that September 1 has seven holidays!! I'm going to find something on Etsy to represent each holiday! Sound like fun?? Think I can find 'em? Well, come along with me and we'll see!

Chicken Boy's Day ~ Chicken Boy was a sign atop a restaurant of the same name in Los Angeles -- a restaurant that specialized in (can you guess?) deep fried chicken! Chicken Boy had a chicken head and a man's body and stood a walloping 22 feet tall!! Want to read more about him? go here Chicken Boy: The True Story.

This is the cutest chicken boy ever!! What a cute Halloween costume this would make -- just keep him off the roof! Yellow Feather Baby Chick Halloween Costume by DIP Designs.

Bison-Ten-Yell Day ~ It's the bicentennial birthday of Bison-Ten-Yell, imaginary inventor of a series of ten battle yells that were signals. His system is still used today by football players.

Yeah, football fans yell all right. And sometimes you need a sign to warn others...

Emma M. Nutt Day ~ One ringy dingy... (remember Lily Tomlin as the telephone operator?) Old Emma became the first female telephone operator on Sept. 1, 1878  and shares her special day with -- guess who -- Lily Tomlin who is celebrating her 71st birthday today!!

Everybody's calling at once! Wouldn't you just love this fun job...
Compelling Telephone Operators by SweetHeartSinner.

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day ~ Have you hugged your building inspector today?

These playhouses slip over card tables and are just about the cutest things around! What a sweet home for your little one -- oh, the tea parties to be attended!!

Calendar Adjustment Day ~ Good grief  - why can't they just leave the calendar alone? In 1751, Britain issued a “Gregorian Correction” for the next year, eliminating September 3 – September 13. This was supposed to get the Gregorian and Lunar calendars on the same page (hehe)  This also set January 1 as the official New Year’s Day. Until then it had been March 25. (Ridiculous - New Year's in March. Whoever heard of such a thing?)

September's puppy wants to come in! Is that just the sweetest look on his face? I love all the designs for 2011 -- kitties, puppies, flowers -- each can also be framed as a charming print! (I particularly love August since it's a magnolia!!)   September by Celia Flock Studio.

National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day ~ What rhymes with orange or purple? Or penguin, for that matter? This holiday celebrates words that do not rhyme with any other words. No cheating! Only English words allowed!

This set of folded note cards says it all.
WORD 6pk by Orange Beautiful

Toy Tips Executive Toy Test Day ~ The corporate Muckity Mucks play with toys, supposedly to learn to be creative in the workplace. I think it's just to take the day off...

Can't you just see guys in suits playing Twister!! This is a 60s version -- love the cartoon  box!

Whew!! Found them all!!  Enjoy all your holidays today - just think, you get to play and rhyme and yell and eat chicken and check your calendar. Not to mention talking on the telephone while hugging your building inspector!

♥♥♥ One more thing! Did you notice that I have a new look for my blog? Basically the same but cleaner lines, a little wider -- still cutesy. I switched the Etsy Mini's for the Craft Cult scrolling widgets over there on the right top. I think I like them better -- more fun! What do you think? ♥♥♥


trudette, said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful Etsy finds !

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I love the 'shop' looking like widgets!!

Angel Heart Designs said...

Hi! Sarah, too funny. All those holidays..LOL Thankx for visiting..yes, those trailers each had rooms so gorgeous, and decked would never guess, I'm happy they inspired you!
Cindy :)


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