Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will You Buy Handmade for Christmas?

Noli has lots of handcrafted toys. My daughter and I have made her lots of things, or bought handcrafted toys from online shops.

 Stephanie has made her little felted gnomes and a felted horse (who has sadly lost his tail!) and some of the cutest wooden animals ever! Not to mention Butter Blossom (aka Butter) who is a life size Waldorf doll that looks a lot like Noli. I've crocheted fruits and veggies for her play kitchen, even sewed a chef's hat! Plus various hats, scarves and mittens for both her and her mom!!

Stephanie has done a good job of raising her without all the plastic and commercialization of kid's toys. It gets harder as she grows older, but we're still plugging away! (In fact, it has been suggested to me that I crochet her a horse for Christmas. Hmmm, better get started on that!!)

So when I read about the Handmade Toy Alliance's call to sign a pledge to buy just one handmade item this holiday season, I immediately added my name. It will be very easy for me to do, since that's what I would do anyway. But maybe you've got a little one who would like a sweet doll or wooden truck or comfy blanket that is made with love and someone's own hands. Or maybe you'd like to give someone some yummy cookies, or sweet scented bath soap, or a knitted sweater, or crocheted wash cloths.

This year, shop at Etsy or ArtFire or other online marketplaces, go to your local craft shows, support that toy or gift shop with the lovingly handmade items, go to your farmer's market. For sure, your purchases will be better made and last longer than anything plastic! Not to mention the love put into the making.

So, please think about this and sign the pledge! Then buy handmade!

♥♥ And I'd really love it if you would leave me a comment if you signed the pledge, and a link to your blog or shop. Or a shop that you love!

♥♥ It would also be awesome if you shared this pledge on your own blog, or feel free to link to mine.  I heard about it from Maureen Cracknell Handmade so please take a peek at her blog too!

Go Handmade!!


Crunchy Diva said...

I will for sure be both buying hand made items & making hand made items.

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi Sarah, this is a great idea, I went along to join up but it seems it's just for US folk. Never mind, I'll probably do my bit anyway from jolly old England!!

Jane xx

maureencracknell said...

Many thanks for sharing this Sarah!!!

TMCPhoto said...

we've been buying handmade for the holidays for the last few years. I love the whole process of buying handmade for gifts, there's a little more excitement about giving something that has had so much thought put into it as well as the whole often one of a kind aspect too.

My shop is I've recently launched a line of holiday tree ornaments that are all one of a kind.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Just wanted to come back and say "thanks" for each of your comments. Handmade is definitely the best!
♥ Sarah


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