Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pink on a Denmark Beach

I have a thing for rocks. I don't keep a huge collection or anything, but I have some sitting around that are special in one way or another -- where they were found, the shape, the color.

The summer before I began my senior year in high school (no, you're not getting any idea of the year! Let's just say it was a looong time ago...) my brother invited me to visit for part of the summer. He had accepted a research position with Unilever, which is the parent company of Lever Brothers, and had just moved to Holland. And invited me to visit!!

So off I went, on my first flight by the way, to Europe! Alone!

Anyway, back to the rocks....

My brother had several conferences to attend that summer, which was great for me since it took us to several countries we might not have visited otherwise. One was in Copenhagen, Denmark which is an absolutely fantastic place!

In one of our treks around the area, we went to a beach, the likes of which I had never before seen! I was used to the sandy beaches of Florida and Louisiana's Gulf Coast. THIS beach was full of boulders! BOULDERS! Huge! You could climb on them and see for miles! So, of course, I had to bring a couple of rocks home.

The gray one looks like those boulders, only on a much, much smaller scale! I love the smoothness of it.

And the pink one! I love it -- love, love, love it! It's kind of a coral pink with bits of gray and has little sparkles in it. It's hard to see in photos, but the whiter areas are almost glass-like with the sparkles.

These two rocks sit on bookshelves now, and remind me daily of that wonderful trip that my big brother so graciously offered me. A peek at more of the world than a young girl had ever seen. What memories!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!

Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog -- just little 'ole me, Underdog.

Remember Underdog, aka Shoeshine Boy, the Superman-like dog cartoon? Oh yeah, had to watch Underdog!

Noli and I checked out the Underdog movie (which happily had a cartoon from the original TV show included) and she went totally berserk! Watched it two times in a row, then played Underdog for days!

We couldn't find a red T-shirt so a white one had to do! Never mind that it had flowers around the neck -- Underdog is a very confident dog and is not afraid to show his feminine side! I had some stick-on felt and cut out a big U and stuck it on. Blue towel for the cape and, drum roll please, introducing......


Only she pronounced it "Wonderdog" -- I got the biggest kick out of that! 

Here's Underdog aka Wonderdog saving the day!

And here's Underdog stalking the bad guy.....

After a day of saving the good and fighting the bad, Underdog is a tired puppy....

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jumping in Fall Leaves

I was just thinking about how the weather has taken a slight (very slight but, oh well) turn toward fall and how fun it is to jump in piles of freshly raked piles of leaves. Well, I don't really jump in them anymore, but I remember how my kids loved to and how a certain granddaughter does too!

Here are some awesome Etsy leaves!

This is what we'll all be doing soon enough! Autumn Fall Landscape Watercolor Print by WatercolorsByMuren

Welcome your friends, neighbors and family! Fall Door Wreath by The Privileged Door.

Can you believe this is a gourd? Beautiful! Handpainted Gourd Bowl by Nat's Kreations.

Decorate your mantel or drape over a banister -- and I totally love these leaves in a doorway! Fall Leaves Felt Garland by The Clever Life (who, by the way, lives in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA!)

♥♥ THIS JUST IN!! Hilary from The Clever Life is generously offering a discount in her shop for my readers! Just put the code MAGNOLIABLOG at checkout and you'll get 10% off!!. And she's got some really cute things in her shop! Thank you, Hilary! ♥♥

I'm loving these napkin rings! They're hand cut out of salt dough, painted and dried. Fabulous on your Thanksgiving table or any autumn gathering! Thanksgiving Napkin Rings by Cookie Dough Creations.

I love this ceramic leaf bowl -- the crystals in the glaze pop as the piece is fired and create their own pattern! Beautiful! Fall Leaf Dish by Mia Sorella.


And just because I couldn't resist....

Leaf Noli!! 
She made a picture for Daddy from leaves gathered from our yard. This was taken in November 2009 so she's almost four at the time.  Cuteness!


So be sure to jump in piles of freshly raked leaves when it's time!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toes, Tails and Tummies

A few nights ago, I shot some pics of Oliver sleeping on the back of the couch (this has recently become one of his favorite sleep places du jour). Then I got to thinking about his cutie toes. And his cutie tail.

Then I got to thinking about Noli's cutie toes. And her cutie tail (yes, my sweetie little granddaughter has a tail, several in fact.)

Then tummies jumped in there and then I got to thinking about the new (to me) meme I discovered, Alphabe-Thursday, brought to you today by the letter T!

So, I thumbed (cyber thumbed since they exist somewhere between my camera and my computer) through my Noli pics and my Oliver pics and came up with some awesome Toes, Tails and Tummies!!

♥ Toes ♥
This is the pic that started it all -- Oliver's toes and tail just above me on the couch.

I love kittie toes -- especially the pink ones like Oliver has. We like to play "spread toes" with him -- rub him between his toes and that big pad on his feet and he spreads his toes waaaay out. Too funny! And his tail was practically on my nose!

♥♥ (I just added this pic and post to Pink Saturday -- but I did it today, Sunday : ) -- Oliver's cutie pink toes are going to join in! Thanks for the suggestion, Birgit! See more info at the end of this post) ♥♥

Oliver says: "cool, my mommyfur"  >^.^<

This is Noli in the pool with one of her mom's friends. She was trying to stretch her toes up to the side and just barely made it!  Kid pool toes are the best! (No, not my pool -- I wish!)

♥ Tails ♥
Noli plays a lot of make-believe and one of her favorites is to pretend to be a kitty. We used many and varied forms of tails -- here's one that's very colorful.

(I actually think she was being a fox with his big fluffy tail -- you may remember the "Fox in the Yard" post -- well, she still gets a kick out of pretending to be that fox!)

And here's a make-do tail 'cause we couldn't find one of her official tails....

and the kitty ears to go with....

♥ Tummies ♥

This is one of my favorite photos of Noli. She's just turned three and was walking along the path in the backyard. I love the way her tummy kind of leads the way! Hard to believe she's in Kindergarten this year!

And Oliver is all his big cat tummy glory! He doesn't sleep on his back very much so it's a big deal around here when he does! And he definitely has a big deal tummy!! (But don't tell him I said so, he's rather vain...)

>^.^<    >^.^<    >^.^<

For some more "T's" hop on over to Alphabe-Thursday! You're welcome to join in the fun!

P.S. -- Birgit of Swapping Howdies left a sweet comment saying that I should link this up to Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound. Because of Oliver's sweet, sweet pink toes! So I clicked right over and oh! such a cute idea!! OK, so from now on, I'll try to link up over there on Saturdays. Pink is just such a hap-hap-happy color, don't you think?


(Oliver insisted that he get to sign his name too -- since he had to suffer the indignities of the "tummy aka belly " photo! It was the least I could do for the little guy!!



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