Monday, April 30, 2012

Growing Flowers

Well, I almost didn't make it.... the BBA team challenge for this month. I was busy with other stuff and started my project late in the month, plus it was rather labor intensive. Enough excuses -- I got 'er done!!

Each month we have a challenge to make something that follows a suggested theme -- April's was brought to us by Margaret of Splendid Little Stars. She challenged us to "create a project that calls to mind how one or all the senses respond to this new beginning time of year."

For me, spring means lovely flowers beginning to grow -- especially the Bluebonnets here in Texas -- birds singing in the trees and making nests in the branches, baby animals being born. A time of renewal.

 I decided that for this challenge, I wanted to make something that would not only express springtime, but would also be something new for my shop. I knew it had to be flowers.... and I found this adorable pattern from a fellow Etsyian Honeybee 69.

The flowers "grow"! First the seed is planted, and a sprout finds its way to the top of the soil ...

then the flowers bloom!

 Everything can be taken apart so the child can pretend to really plant, grow and pick the flower!

Now all I have to do is make a bag for everything to go in (wouldn't want to lose that all-important seed!) and it'll be ready for its debut in my shop! This is the fabric I plan on using for the bag -- cute with its look-alike flowers that match!

Of course, Noli found a flower in its pot and asked me to make a set for her. I answered with a vague "maybe" so that I can surprise her with her own set. There's another pattern I have my eye on that is a watering can and trowel that would be a cute add on for the flower garden. Noli may get the first of those! She had a good time playing with the flowers and I hope I can get her to model for me sometime!

We talked about how you dig in the soil and feel the coolness of it on your hands, covering the seed so it can take its nap, how it grows and grows and finally sprouts, and then the flower blooms and how lovely it is to see and to smell its delightful scent. Then, of course, the flowers attract butterflies and bees -- another sure sign of spring!

She reminded me of how she planted cherry seeds last spring. 

Quite the little gardener -- although she may be planting rocks here  : )

For more spring challenge projects from the BBA team, go here!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Flower Coasters and Teacups

It's been a long time since I had these coasters in my shop -- too, too long! I think I must have been waiting for the warmer months to roll around before I made them again. Well, those warmer months are definitely here, so I sat down and grabbed those pretty spring colored yarns and crocheted away!

And they are my avatar for crying out loud! I really should have them in my shop if their little picture is going to accompany me wherever I go!

Doesn't my mother's teacup look pretty on them? So feminine. I was lucky enough to get her china, at least what is left of it. It's a huge set with lots of different kinds of dishes, but I only have three plates!! I love it though, and of course, it reminds me of my Mama -- especially with Mother's Day coming up.

The flower on the inside is just the sweetest! 
A little surprise as you drink your tea!

Here's a close-up -- I just love those flowers and the scroll design! 
The pattern is "Victoria" made by Royal Cauldon of England.

Now here's a question ... I'm thinking of making these coasters in sets of one color -- do you think that the center should be the same off-white, or should the whole thing be one color. Probably pink! Or, if I do the solid colors, should they be a different pattern altogether -- more of a lacy look?

Help me decide!!

♥♥♥  I'm linking my spring flower coasters on Pink Saturday at  How Sweet the Sound.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

I seem to be on a strawberry kick -- crocheting away at cute little strawberry delights to add to my shop.
John Lennon would be pleased!

Do these look yummy, or what!!

And they have their very own storage bag (see the cute strawberries on the bag?)

Then there's two of the strawberries with a sweet strawberry pouch to carry them in, all in that same fabric storage bag!

I got such a kick out of that pouch -- it's a giant strawberry! My granddaughter has pretty much decided that she NEEDS it!

What else would have a strawberry? How about a cupcake!! Yummy chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing and whipped cream -- topped with a juicy little strawberry!

Are you craving strawberries yet?

♥♥♥  Linking my yummy, juicy, red strawberries at Rednesday over at It's a Very Cherry World!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cats in the Yard! (or, Adventures with Oliver)

Oliver was intently looking out the back door. I looked too. 
What's that I see? he wonders.

AH-HA!! says Oliver

Cats in the Yard!!

This black one was lounging on the steps to the shed.

This sweetie was sitting near the fence.

Then there was this little cutie, laying on some stepping stones.

Mr. Black was eyeing me suspiciously, ready to bolt.

I tried to quietly (shhh) open the door..... but CLICK goes the lock and ZOOM go the cats!
Too fast for my camera.

Oliver had a good time looking though.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pink Swans and Tiny Flowers

Today being Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound, I thought I would share some little sweeties I found at a recent garage sale.

Two little swans masquerading as pitchers! Or vases! Totally cute with tiny flowers!

They are handmade -- I used to do ceramics and the tell-tale signs are there -- stilt marks on the bottom! 

The glaze is the palest of pink and, since it pools in the design, it sort of self-antiques. Lovely!

The glaze didn't cover well on the inside of one of the spouts, but that's OK. It's still a little sweetie and it won't matter at all with some tiny flowers inside! Wish I had some tiny flowers to put in it now, but my flowers are few and far between (I must do some planting) and the irises that are blooming are just a tad too huge for these little swans!!

Tiny flowers like these....

in Noli's sweet little girl hands

They will appear in my Magnolia's Attic vintage shop but I'll get to enjoy them for a while!

They are sweet and I'm so glad I found them.

 Hop over to How Sweet the Sound to see some more lovely pinks!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giveaway from the BBA Team!

The Blogging Business Artisans giveaway for this month is a good one! You won't want to miss it!

This month, Erika from Artful Rising is giving away a journal, a keychain, and a workshop! My goodness, that's a great package, and with an estimated retail value of $50.00!

The Self-Realization journal has 25 prompts that will help you to focus on your purpose. With lined pages and extra ones at the end, you will have plenty of room to take notes and write down your thoughts. The cover has a lovely design on green heavy weight paper. Plus, it's sized just right to fit in your purse or backpack -- easy to carry along to use when you might have wait on the kids, or for between classes.

This "DREAM" hand-stamped keychain was created by Erika's younger brother. Erika helped by attaching the ring and buffing the nickel disk. Her brother only created a few of these so that makes them even more special!

Pencil clipart pictures

The third item is the opportunity to participate in an upcoming Artful Rising workshop which will debut by the end of May.

To get all the various ways to enter this giveaway, please visit the BBA team blog and leave your comment. There are several ways to enter! Giveaway ends on April 19, 2012 and is open worldwide.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adventures in Coffee Pots

I love my new coffee pot. It has NO bells and whistles. It doesn't beep to tell me it's through brewing. It doesn't let me know what time it is. It doesn't brew before the sun comes up and then wait for us to stumble in and pour that first cup. It doesn't shut off all by itself (even if you don't want it to). It does have a short cord which drives me bonkers -- I promise I won't drape it over chairs and the floor so some unsuspecting someone trips on it.


Why is this so fantastic, you ask?

Well, we had quite the problem with our last coffee pot. I won't mention any names but its initials are Hamilton Beach Brew Station. : ) Now if you have one and its working fine for you, then three cheers! But for me....nope.

Several years ago we bought a H.B. Brew Station and it was terrific -- the whole point was that there was no decanter and you just put your cup up to the little push toggle and poured your coffee. It had all the bells and whistles and I truly loved it. But, as happens every few years with small appliances, it stopped working properly.  So we bought another.

But the powers that be over at H.B. took it upon themselves to CHANGE the Brew Station. And it never worked right again. Small irritations that we could live with. Of course, these small irritations began AFTER the warranty period and the time to return it to the store. Naturally.

But then the small irritations became bigger.... and bigger.... and it started leaking. Little drips on the counter top at first, and then more, and more until we were forced to stop using the toggle and just poured out of the bucket, grumbling that we really needed to go buy a new coffee pot. And then the other day there was a huge coffee puddle on the counter! I still don't know how, or where, it was leaking. I think it knew I really didn't like it and began to plot its revenge....

And here's something funny -- we put it out with the garbage and somebody came by and picked it up! Sans filter basket -- I had recycled it! Oh well, maybe it won't carry out its revenge on its new owner...

So, deciding that we really didn't need to set a coffee pot to begin brewing and go off by itself -- we are, after all, intelligent people and can do these things by ourselves -- we went to our local big box and bought the simplest (and consequently, least expensive) coffee pot we could find!

Good old Mr. Coffee! With a decanter. And only one button to push! Not a bell or a whistle in sight!

I'm in love.

♥  linking that bit of red in my coffee cup to Rednesday at  It's a Very Cherry World!



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