Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The One Bad Egg

It was hiding among the other eleven -- its shell wrinkled and strange. The one bad egg. 

I did not know what to expect if it were cracked. 

It sat in the carton until it was the only one left.

I felt sorry for the bad egg, thinking maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

But, with a light shining through it, looking strangely alien, I thought surely this must be a bad egg.

Crack! Into a bowl it went.

Looking for all its worth like a good egg, after all!

Prompting me to crochet my own eggs, never to be bad.

Ever. Or the evil rooster will get them.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ponies make a good pillow (or, Adventures with Oliver)

Oliver sleeps on the craziest things -- you would think he would be soooo uncomfortable on a glass table or scrunched up in a basket smaller than he is, but no, he seems perfectly content. It's so typical for him to find that one scrap of paper on the floor and use it for a resting place! 

So, when Noli left a couple of her ponies out, naturally Oliver found them!

Ahhhh, I'm so comfy with my special pony pillow....

Mmmm, a nice snuggle under my chin....

I think the ponies might have something else to say about being an Oliver pillow!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Who was that masked bandit?

Something happened in the shed. Leaves everywhere. Boards which were stacked on a wooden frame and suspended from the rafters were now on the floor. Boxes were moved around on the shelves.

Cat? Possum? Some giant bird?

I'm standing very still, looking around, when I spy in the corner, up on a top shelf (now devoid of boxes)....

Mr. Raccoon!!
Oh so cute with his little mask. Staring back at me.

I slowly backed out of the shed, zipped to the house for my camera, and was able to get one good pic. I took several but with the lighting and the fact that I was NOT going any farther into the shed than just inside the door, I only got one decent photo.

Mr. (or Ms for that matter) Raccoon was pretty curious about me too!

Cute as he was, we decided it best to call animal control -- we didn't want him/her in the shed, playing havoc with our boxes and boards, or having babies, or whatnot. So animal control comes with the most gigantic cage I've ever seen, and a can of cat food. He left the cage and told us to wait a couple of days and then check to see if Mr. Raccoon was inside. He gave us various instructions, and a copy of their humane treatment of wild animals and how they took them to wooded areas out of town and let them go. That made me feel better.

See the mess that raccoon made! 

So we waited, and no raccoon. Waited a few days more, and no raccoon. Gave up after a few more days and called animal control to pick up their cage. 

Mr. Raccoon still roams around these here parts.... but not in our shed!! 


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Monday, May 7, 2012

Soccer fun with the little ones!

Saturday was Noli's last soccer game for the season -- this was her first year playing and she did pretty well! Her team was the Cougars and her best buddy, Will, was on it for his second year so that made it more fun for Miss Noli.

First game......

The team lines up -- Noli shows us the Cougar paw....

Noli and Will

Running after the ball! (that little kid on the other team just makes me smile -- he's so small!!)

The best part -- snacks!!

Planking at Chipotle after the game!

Last game.....

In the huddle

Knees and toes
(that's Noli with the pink on her shoes)

Sometimes it's lonely being the Noli Goalie

The really best part -- the trophy!!!

All in all, I think she had a pretty good time!

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