Wednesday, June 26, 2013

50 Novembers

I think most everyone who can remember November 22, 1963 can pinpoint the place they were when they heard the news of President Kennedy's assassination.

I was in 10th grade, on my way to my civics class when the announcement came over the intercom. The halls were instantly silent, except for quiet weeping and shocked gasps. When I walked into my classroom, the teacher was sitting on his stool as usual at the front of the class, but this time he had a radio playing and a stunned look on his face. We listened to the radio and he did his best to console us. That year our class paper was to be on either the assassination or on some other subject that I don't remember -- I think all but one student wrote about Kennedy. I still have my report.

Like the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded and 9/11/01 when our world was forever changed, I will always remember the day Kennedy's life was cut short and where I was and how I felt.

Our local ABC station was the one that broadcast the news that day to the citizens of the Dallas area and it is now doing a series of news stories and videos that are behind the scenes looks at the history of that day -- then and now -- leading up to the 50 year anniversary. Although I didn't live in the Dallas area at the time of the assassination, I have lived here for about 35 years and so am very familiar with such landmarks as Dealey Plaza, the Texas School Book Depository (which houses the Sixth Floor Museum) and the Texas Theatre.

One day recently I was happy to see that the story was about the Texas Theatre (check it out, there's a great video!) -- and am proud to say that my son, Adam, is a partner with three others in the ownership of that theater.  

The Texas Theatre was first opened in 1931 in Oak Cliff (a Dallas suburb) and was part of a chain of theaters owned at one time by Howard Hughes. It was an upscale theater and the first with air-conditioning in the Dallas area.


It was also where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. 

Three rows up, five seats in

After a series of ups and downs and almost demolitions, the Oak Cliff Foundation purchased the building, did some renovations and offered it up for a permanent lease.  Enter Aviation Cinemas (the name is a nod to Howard Hughes) of which my son is a part -- which took over the lease and has done more renovations, turning the theater into a venue for art films, indie films, and blockbusters in 35 mm. No digital there! The Texas Theatre is old-school! They are helping to revive their area of Oak Cliff, focusing on the arts and participating in local happenings. Go here for some interesting facts on the theater!

Checking out the 35 mm film

The theater itself has become an enjoyable hangout for the artistic set with a bar where only vinyl albums are played on a funky little portable record player....

and walls where local art is displayed.

Art like crazy movie posters

Old cartoons are shown on the wall in the lobby. You can watch while you're enjoying a beer or cocktail and a visit with friendly folk.

A sea of red seats
There are 645 seats downstairs and there will be 300 to 350 more in the balcony when they get that opened. It was Dallas' largest theater when it was first built.

blankets are there for the patrons' use
(the theater gets cold!)

Sometimes you can play chess

Previous owners had walled over some of the great old architecture, but our guys scraped off what they could without jeopardizing the structure. Now there are "peep holes" that show the beautiful craftsmanship of old.

This shows the original stairs going to the balcony
Note the scroll work on the stair ends

If you would like to see videos and read more of the history surrounding that fateful day in Dallas, you can check out "JFK: Dallas, 50 Novembers." It's a pretty interesting read! I have bookmarked it so I can keep up with it if I miss one of the WFAA newscasts.

Please note: with the exception of the photos of Kennedy and Oswald, all of the photos were either taken by me on excursions to the theater, or from my TV as the story on the theater was aired.


---- For this week's music ----
 "Abraham, Martin and John" by Dion

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

With July 4th getting closer and closer, I thought I would put together a patriotic red, white and blue treasury to show off some of that American spirit!

Many of these wonderful items are from the Blogging Business Artisans team and the rest are from around Etsy -- I found some beauties don't you think?!!

'Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!' 

Patriotic finds from the BBA team and friends!

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I hope you'll click on the title and go to the actual treasury on Etsy and leave me a comment! And comment here too, of course!!  : )

And have a great Fourth of July when it gets here! We'll probably cook out and see what fireworks we can see from our backyard! (We stopped going to fireworks displays once the kids were too old to be seen with their parents!) Our town has a fireworks display every year that is not too far from us so we can usually see quite a few explosions in the sky!

How are you celebrating this year?

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Earl Grey and The Eagles

Let me introduce you to Earl Grey

Bet you thought I was talking about the tea!

But no, Earl Grey is one of our outside kitties -- kitties that have just shown up in our yard and decided to stay! Earl Grey was originally called Big Grey but that morphed into Earl Grey and sometimes Big Earl.

He's a large cat and, until recently, visited us in the late afternoon for dinner. He apparently has found better digs for now -- I've seen him walking across the street so I know he's okay -- he's just not coming here anymore. 

Old Earl first showed up when (as it turned out) the two outside kitties that were already here (you've already met Cali Mae and Patio) decided that it was that time for them.... I didn't even know that Patio was a girl for crying out loud (they are too skittish for us to get near)! Anyway, Earl came a-calling and decided that Cali Mae was his bestest girl. 


Earl's a pretty laid back guy

Can't you just let a guy have a sun puddle nap?

There, I'm turning my back on you! 
I can't see you so you can't see me.....

Long about the same time, Blackie came on the scene and set his sights on Patio. This is when I was shocked to find out that Patio was a she! 

Wood  Cats Portrait Wedding Fun Cake Topper Looks like YOUR Kittys
From Pokeberry Patch on Etsy
they kinda look like Earl Grey and Cali Mae!

So in a lovely outdoor wedding, the two man-cats took their new brides on a backyard honeymoon, and some months later, kittens were born. Two mamas, same day, five kittens.

Oh the papas were so proud! 

But, and here's why Earl Grey no longer comes around to visit his bride and offspring... Blackie has taken over as top daddy cat! Earl only comes in the front yard from time to time and mourns the loss of his fatherhood. (Yeah, right!) I kind of miss him -- he's a handsome man-cat with a beautiful grey coat!

This is one of Earl's kittens -- he and Cali had two -- this cute grey one and another that looks just like Cali. The kittens are about ten weeks old now.

Cali and Earl Grey, Jr 
(no, we're not naming any of the kittens!)
(I'll show you the rest another day)

Earl Grey is a great tree climber. Can you spot him?

There he is!


and, drum roll....
----- For our musical moment today..... The Eagles! -----

singing "Hotel California"

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Death by Patio, on the patio....

Patio is seemingly innocent..... could such a sweet face belong to one who stalks and kills?

OK, so cats do this for a living.... only I've never been a witness to their thirst for protein. Well, once when I was a kid I saw my cat with a worm in his mouth.  Eeewww! Yep, screamed like a girl.

But this sweetie? A stalker of lizards?
Surely you jest....

Guess not! 
Patio vs Lizard

Poor lizard never had a chance.

Yesss, I like to play with my food....

You just think you're getting away

Nom nom nom

Double nom nom nom

Patio wins over Lizard!

Yes, I am the top cat of lizard stalking....

I had to immediately wash my hands. And I was inside, behind a glass door. Never anywhere near cat or prey. But, I had to go wash. my. hands.  Right away!

Funny thing at the end. Blackie appeared and came over to sniff the head  and then walked away to lounge a bit. I guess the head isn't as delectable as the rest.  So they left it there. Yuck! Hubby's got some sweeping to do when he gets home.

I'm certainly not going out there.


Today's music moment ------- The Doobie Brothers -------

"Black Water"

from a concert in New York in 1996

This is probably my favorite Doobie Brothers song -- it brings out my Southern roots.

I'd like to hear some funky Dixieland
Pretty mama come and take me by the hand

Now, to bring out your Southern roots, be sure to pronounce "funky" like fonky as in honky tonk, not funky as in monkey. 


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