Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Opera and Orange Marmalade sitting in a tree....

First, I saw Marmalade in the tree...

which isn't that unusual since he loves hanging over the tree limbs... 

Then I looked up and up and up some more
and there was Opera waaay high in the tree.

Tushie shot!! Just can't help myself :)

So, whacho wanna do now, Marmie?
I dunno, Opera, whacho wanna do?

(Intelligent cat conversation)

I wanna get down 'cause I saw those hoomans put our supper out!

Yum! I'm heading for the supper bowl too!

Made it! Hurry up, Marmie!

Made it too, Opera!

But I'll have to rethink this jumping thing...

Of course both Opera and Marmalade met up at the supper bowl. They know what's good for them!


I thought you might be interested in how Opera and Marmalade got their names...

Marmalade is really Orange Marmalade and Marmie for short. Not a really he-man name for a boy kitty but that's what he looked like when he was a little tyke. Turned out he's a bit of the scaredy cat and apparently thinks he's safe in the trees... thus we are constantly spotting his tail and tushie hanging over a limb!

Opera has her own story -- she has a twin sister named Phantom! They each have the "Phantom of the Opera" mask on one side of their face. Phantom has more white on her chest and back (therefore, she is Phantom) and Opera has more black and brown on her back reminiscent of The Phantom's cloak if you squint your eyes and hold your mouth just right!

Phantom on the left and Opera on the right!
I'm so glad I got this shot -- they are just too cute sitting together!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Car Noli

OK, so are you wondering from the title if a nine year old kid really has a new car?

Well, see for yourself....

New car

Noli in new car, preparing to drive

Checking out the settings

Yes, Mumsie, my feet can reach the brake

Beginning to back up

Throw her in the back because she's not driving this car!!!

Oh, so it's Stephanie's new car... you had me fooled, Noli.....

Peace out!

sharing ~
Taking the girls' new car for a spin on AlphabeThusday for the letter N  


Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
the lion sleeps tonight...

Do you remember this?

The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens

I'm sure you have seen all the news reports about Cecil the lion... 
a magnificent animal

photo provided by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

 The song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, has been on my mind for days and days so in a kind of homage to Cecil, and knowing that L was the next letter on AlphabeThursday, I decided to crochet a roly poly lion for my Etsy shop.

He's not as magnificent as Cecil, but decidedly cuter, and a whole lot of fun to make! What do you think?

Cute, and definitely not cowardly

He was happy to pose 

but grumbled quite a bit when I showed off his cutie patooty...
(I told him it was so we could see his glorious tail -- but I don't think he believed a word of it!)

Of course, this has opened the floodgates of my mind and I'm envisioning roly poly lions and tigers and bears, oh my!! Really, I've already started on a tiger but I haven't done enough for a picture yet. So far, it just looks like an orange circle! I know how I'll make the bear, and I think there might be a roly poly kitty in my future too.... and definitely a cow and a pig! 

Stay tuned :)

~ sharing on 
AlphabeThursday for the letter L



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