Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring is Springing Up Everywhere

While we were running errands the other day, I couldn't help but notice the flowers that are springing up all over town :)

I snapped a few pictures to share, and thought of the March Challenge on the Blogging Business Artisans Etsy team. This month's challenge is brought to us by Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers who posed the question "The first signs of spring .... what does spring mean to you? What inspires you as the weather starts to warm up?"

The first flowers popping up, the tiny bright green leaves sprouting on the trees, the breezes prompting me to open my windows and enjoy the beautiful days. That's spring to me!

These tulips were growing on the edges of a parking lot

Even pretty with the lamp post behind them!

Especially, when reflected in a puddle!

So pretty....

We passed a church with a large expanse of front lawn
covered in tiny pink flowers

with patches of Bluebonnets just starting to sprout

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

A New Roof for Mr. Shed

The shed in our backyard is a handy storage space but not a very lovely-to-look-at building (sorry, Mr. Shed, but I can only tell it like it is...) It's not one of those that you can buy from the home building stores, but one that was made by the gentleman who owned our house before us.

And, during a stormy time at the end of last year, a large tree branch broke and fell on Mr. Shed causing damage and breaking his poor roof.

Fortunately, it was only his outside edge (ie overhang) that was broken.

Well, since Mr. Shed sorely needed a new roof, (or as he calls it -- a new Sunday suit) we called our handy friend, Perry, and he agreed to fix Mr. Shed's Sunday suit. Perry is hubby's closest friend and is also very handy and seems to be able to fix just about anything! And, fortunately for us, he doesn't mind being called upon.


We put a tarp up there since it was still raining and it would be a few days before Perry could do the work. But as it turned out, the break was only on the overhang and the inside didn't get wet at all. And the sun came out!!

Since hubby isn't very comfortable walking around on roofs, he was designated the official tool-hander and old shingles picker-upper. Which made me happy because I'm really not comfortable with his walking around on roofs :D

I'm not even much comfortable with him climbing a ladder!

Dennis, the tool-hander

Perry is so clever... he got these nifty Husky bags
I didn't even know they existed!

Dennis showing how tough that bag is....

Hard at work, but almost done...

Yay! All done!!
Perry conquers the roof!

A new Sunday suit for Mr. Shed!
He is very happy :)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Johnny's Quest

You remember Johnny Appleseed, don't you? You know, the guy who walked around barefoot and with a pot on his head.... who could forget that!! Lived off the land and didn't change his clothes much. 

And planted apple seeds so that we could have apple trees today :) 
That, by the way, was his quest
A mighty fine Q word if I may say so myself!

Which brings me to the cutest Johnny Appleseed you've ever seen...

Her mom bought one of my red apples for Miss Johnny to use for her school project,
and said that the little bag that I sent it in was perfect to use as a seed bag!

and this is the clincher....
the crochet pot hat!
No, I didn't make it, but what a great idea!!

Isn't she cute -- I love her overalls rolled up and a belt used for the seed bag strap
and, oh my, are those braids I see?!!

I love LOVE it when customers share photos with me!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hunting for Patterns

Last week, I finally got out and about to some thrift stores, looking at this and that but mostly hunting patterns. I bet you didn't even know that I have a vintage pattern shop on Etsy, did you? It's Magnolia Sewing Basket only there's not much in the Basket right now! I have lots of patterns to list.... but it's not just a matter of the listing -- I scan the pattern front and back, edit one close-up for the main photo, make sure all the pieces are present and accounted for and do any needed research. Quite a bit of work for one little pattern! 

Anyway, back to the thrift shops -- there are really only two close around that sell patterns and there's never any rhyme or reason as to what you will find. I'll be glad when nicer weather hits and the estate and yard sales are abundant!

So I found some cute patterns -- not any older than the 70s but that's okay. I thought I'd share a few of the kid's patterns that I found -- I have put them through their scanning / editing process and they are ready to list! 

Do you remember MC Hammer?
All the cool kids wore Hammer pants and danced to You Can't Touch This.

This pattern is from 1991 but is reminiscent of Hammer pants (or harem pants). My son was the one who liked MC Hammer, or at least that one song, and he even had a pair of Hammer pants! Can't say I was thrilled with the notion, but you've gotta pick your battles with a ten year old!

Now this was more my daughter's speed -- lots of ruffles! No more though.... it's jeans and tee shirts now! She might own one dress, but I'm not even sure of that! 

Noli would like it for sure, especially now that she's nine! (which I cannot believe, but that's how many candles were on her cake this past Saturday...)

This Gunne Sax dress is cute in a Little House on the Prairie way. Reminds me of the dresses Nellie Oleson wore -- the little bratty girl who was always getting Laura into trouble. I guess you can tell this is an 80s pattern by looking at the big curly hair on that cute model!

This is a sweet dress for a junior bridesmaid or flower girl, or for a special "dress up" party. So adorable. Noli was a junior bridesmaid recently for her uncle's wedding (her dad's brother) but her dress was much more grown up looking than this pattern. (Probably a version of the bridesmaid's dresses) I wish I had a picture to share but I only saw the dress, not Noli in it!!

I found a lot more patterns but they were adult sizes.... maybe I'll share some of them another day but I'm just working on the kids right now :)


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Great Ping Pong Tournament

Noli vs Papa

Okay, Papa, I'm ready!

Here goes!

Uh-oh, will it ever come down?

Noli spent most of her time running after the ball....

and pulling her pants up....

and acting silly

The winner!

Or else.

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