Thursday, May 28, 2015

Little Bluebird

Well, it's definitely been awhile since I last blogged -- the first week of May for the letter Y to be exact. I've had computer problems galore.... wound up getting a new one and a new router/modem combo. I had a backup but not everything backed up.... I'm still working on that.

I'm pretty sure a massive lightning bolt was the cause of my old computer's demise. Oliver and I both ran for the hills (OK, the hall) when that lightening crashed!! Poor cat, with all the rain and thunderstorms we're having, he is just a tad nervous!

Now there's a whole new round started for AlphabeThursday!!

I've been doing a bit a crocheting and came up with this little cutie guy :)

Isn't he a sweetie with his pudgy tummy?! I don't think he's passed up too many worms!

His wings can be "at rest"

or sticking straight out in preparation for flight!

and he's got a cute little tail on his backside!

I plan on making more in various colors.... I've even got a plan for a robin and maybe a cardinal if I can get his black mask right. If not then he'll just be a red bird!

Look for him and some of his buddies in my Magnolia Surprise shop -- hopefully by the time June rolls around!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yellow Kitty On the Loose!

You might remember when I wrote about the "very tiny babies" that were born in our yard on April 12.... it's been 3 ½ weeks and we have now had an official kitten sighting!

Wait, mama, wait for me!

Yellow kitty escaped from their little nest behind the board leaning against the shed, following Mousie mom across the yard. She was heading to the greenhouse (which we use for an extra storage space since neither one of us has a particularly green thumb) and little Yellow Kitty was in hot pursuit! About as hot a pursuit as a 3 week old kitten can manage!

Mousie turned back to rescue Yellow Kitty, after waiting a few minutes while the big bad hooman man (Dennis) had a good look at her kitten (standing several feet away). That little kitty was mewing away!

Then mama ran over, snatched Yellow Kitty up and ran quick as a bunny to the greenhouse. Zip zip through the doggy-now-kitty door and jump jump up onto the built-in potting table, and scoot scoot behind the tarp covered storage boxes on said table.


When she's got YK settled in, she runs and gets Grey Kitty, drops her, circles around and grabs her up again, and back into the greenhouse.

But not before I got a series of Awww moments with Grey Kitty!

Oh my, is this the cutest or what!

A definite awww moment here! The little furball.

Mama catches her again

and goes back to get Black Kitty.

Ha! This is all I got of Black Kitty's transport! 
Mouse had been practicing with the other two kittens and was too fast for me!

Now they are all three nestled snug as a bug in the greenhouse!

And we can finally get rid of the poison ivy that's growing at the corner of the shed... the "kitty corner" as it were. LOL!

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