Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Kipenzi in Swahili means "loved one" and this baby was so very loved.

Giraffe photos courteous of Dallas Zoo

You may remember my post about her birth, which was watched by people worldwide via the "giraffe cam" set up by Animal Planet here at the Dallas Zoo.

It was a sad morning to find out that sweet Kipenzi had died in an accident when the giraffes were being herded into their night barn at the close of the zoo day on Tuesday, April 28. She was an animated and happy baby, just 3 months old, and loved to scamper about. She was playing with her older brother when she took a sharp turn and ran into the edge of a barn that's part of the herd's habitat. She broke three vertebrae in her neck, and died instantly.

The zookeepers gave Katie, Kipenzi's mother, time with her baby before she was taken away. Katie is being kept in a private yard so she can be monitored for signs of distress.

As can be expected, memorials are being set up and people are commenting all over social media. This is a baby that will be sorely missed.

Kipenzi -- 4/10/15 - 7/28/15

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Hot Dog Dream

Last night I dreamed about hot dogs.... 
Weird, I know.
Especially since we rarely, if ever, eat hot dogs!

(and then only Wranglers with cheddar cheese stuck in them)
Remember them? More of a sausage than a hot dog!
And very yum :) 
It's been years and now I don't think they make them anymore. Boo.

But, dream of hot dogs I did -- some friends (have no idea who) were coming over for dinner and they wanted hot dogs. I told them we didn't eat hot dogs and maybe we could have something else (dinner was at my house after all) but, no, they insisted on having hot dogs. 

Maybe I was hungry!

And then I dreamed that they were smoking in the house (a no-no and besides that, we don't smoke!) and they left their ashes everywhere but in the ashtray. 

I dunno.... dreams can be very strange!

So, I woke up with hot dogs on my mind. The closest thing I had to a hot dog was a corn dog (a guilty pleasure of mine) but that wasn't appetizing at 7:00 in the morning! Since Noli is spending a couple of nights with us, maybe we will indulge in those yummy corn dogs for dinner! 

With corn on the cob and French fries.... some of her favorites!!

So, thinking more about hot dogs, I went to my crochet food patterns and realized that it has been a very long time since there were hot dogs or corn on the cob in my Etsy shop

I'll be making a set of hot dogs and s'mores soon.

 No s'mores for Noli (I'm not building a fire to toast them!)

 but she can have a chocolate chip cookie

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good Sunday's ~ LOL!

Don't you love a little play on words....

From a nearby church :)

This also fits in with my Snow Cones and Popcicles post from Tuesday if you'd like to have a look :)

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