Monday, August 24, 2009

Eye Spy

Something I Want to Try!

So many ideas, so little time... But here's my top two....

Recycling Yarn!

This sweater

I think this is the right kind of seam to work with

I have been getting thrift store/garage sale wool sweaters for awhile now -- to felt and make things from (purses, scarves, toys, embellishments, etc.) Kinda hard to find in TX!! But I've read some tutorials on frogging the yarn and I want to try it! Would be really neat to "make" my own yarn and maybe to dye some too.
Dry Felting!

My tools

I've had these felting tools for a long while but have never used them! :p My daughter took mine (the little snit) and made the most amazing animals and dolls and gnomes and fairies (she'll be on Etsy eventually) soooo, I had to buy them again for me! I have wet felted (like crocheting and then felting or using wool sweaters) but have never dry felted.

So these are on my to-do list -- my very, very loooong to-do list -- but they're at the top!
Thanks to Cindy for hosting and Melanie for thinking up a very neat theme. Go on over and check out all the creative blogs participating. Lots of fun!


Gina said...

Dry-felting - SNAP! I just did a very simple one, and it was great, and I didn't even have all of the tools. Now to make an animal.
Oh and you'll have a blast with felting the sweaters. It's such great material to work with.

Cindy said...

They are 2 great ones, I so hope you get in there and show us how you do


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