Thursday, May 29, 2014

That's a Lot of Bull!

We were driving though a kinda country, kinda huge houses area.... you know the kind. Houses that I guess could be called mansions, houses costing a few million with three or so more bathrooms than bedrooms, houses with their own tennis courts and movie screening rooms....

I don't know about you, but my house is nothing like that!!

Anyway, we were driving along and look who we saw! A beauty he was, with his long curly horns....

Mr. Longhorn Bull

There were a bunch of them (aka a bunch of bulls... oh, I am so witty!) standing under some trees but I couldn't get a decent shot because of the fence, and there was no place to really stop. But this beauty was right close to the road and said he didn't mind his picture being taken.

So I took another....
(Good grief, what happened to the sky?!!)

Then I thought about this bull in Oak Cliff, south of Dallas. I had taken it one day when we had gone to the Texas Theatre. (Blue Monday folks, check out that blue check cashing place sign!)

He's a pretty hefty guy -- lots of steaks on him!!

And you probably remember this guy from a few posts back....

Blue Baseball Bull 
from Noli's softball field

So this post is just a bunch of bull!  LOL big time!
Heh Heh  ;p

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Addition

We have a new addition in the family!! It's a boy!!

A doggie boy named Nova....

Part German Shepherd, part Corgi.... 
a cutie patootie if I've ever seen one!!

When they  have to say "No" to him, they say "Nein" (no in German)
because it would be too easy for him to confuse No and Nova

This was how Noli introduced him... heh heh!
No embarrassment there!!

Short legs and big paws
he'll be awesome when he grows up!

Chief pooper scoopers adding to the compost pile

Fortunately, Stephanie has a pretty good sized, fenced in backyard. They are housebreaking him now and later he will have other training. As you can see, Noli carries his treats everywhere she goes!

Enjoying an ice cube...

Noli has a hard time leaving him alone  :)

Ha! His chew toy is bigger than he is!

Who could resist this face....

It'll be fun when he grows into those paws!
His tail is naturally short like a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Sleepy time for Nova

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zipping Through the Air!

So, would you ride a zip line? Way up in the air, suspended from a wire? Just a harness between you and certain death?

Um, not me! But that's what popped into my mind when thinking of a Z letter! Hard to believe we're at the alphabet's end and will start a new round of AlphabeThursday next week!

I knew my son had ziplined (zip lined? zipped? Not sure what's the correct terminology in the world of flying through the air...) so I went thumbing through his FB pics and found a couple and lifted them! (He won't care!)

Back in 2007, Adam went on his first out-of-the-country trip which was also his first by-himself-on-his-own vacation. And what a trip it was! A trek starting and ending in Cancun, Mexico and visiting various places in Central America -- camping, hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, visiting Mayan ruins, meeting other trekkers from around the world, seeing places he might never have, eating exotic food -- what a great trip for a young man! He was in his late 20's and I was so excited for him to be a part of this trek! 

looks like a trekker....

So, out of his zillion and one photos, I found the zip line ones...


note that blue sign with the Mayan temple!

over the tops of trees

after the zip
Adam's in the center back

 Where they were...

Tikal, in Northern Guatemala

Adam said these was one of his favorite Mayan cities with its "beautiful sunsets and sunrises, Howler monkeys and.... terrible food" 

The Grand Plaza

Temple of the Great Jaguar

more temples

This is just a tiny part of his trip -- he was gone for a couple of weeks or so and visited Mexico and the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and Belize.

However, this post is supposed to be about zip lining, soooo.....

Have fun on the longest zip line in Texas!! (about an hour from Dallas) 

Hmmm, I'm thinking I won't be doing this anytime soon!

How about you?

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Blue Jay Steals Cat Food!

I noticed a blue jay swooping around the yard and he landed on the outside kitties food bowl and helped himself!

I grabbed my camera but, naturally, he zoomed off before I could get a shot. I guess he had eaten enough kibble! I was able to get a few sketchy shots of him as he flew from bowl to lawn mower to tree to more tree to back fence....

I would gladly pay him in worms and kitty food if he'd make use of that lawnmower on the grass!

Hiding in the tree...
He was fun to watch as he kinda leaped, kinda flew from branch to branch!

Flew to the back fence and then took off

Patio says she was not very thrilled to share her food....
but wouldn't mind sharing a meal with Mr. Blue Jay...
if you know what I mean.... 

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eli Young Band

I just found out something pretty exciting... in the How Cool is This category....

My son, Adam, was Production Manager on a music video for the Eli Young Band -- and it's been nominated for the CMT Music Awards in the Group Video of the Year category!! (In case you don't know, CMT = Country Music Television.)

Of course, Adam downplays everything but I know he's pretty stoked to have been involved in this project! He has produced a number of Indie films and also has been production manager on various others -- this in addition to traveling the globe in pursuit of music festivals (actually promoting films) -- it's a hard job but someone has to do it :D

Anyway, it's a cool video for a very cool song -- "Drunk Last Night" -- and no, it's not a crazy drinking song, but a very thoughtful and low key one. I like it!

The video was shot in several locations, all in Oak Cliff, Texas which is a historic neighborhood south of downtown Dallas. Adam is heavily involved in the arts scene there, including being a partner in the Texas Theatre. (Get out your history books, it's where Lee Harvey Oswald was captured!) Adam and his partners have restored it and it's now become a local hangout for classic and indi films, as well as a neighborhood tavern and art gallery. 

And if you'd like to vote for this video, go right here! The show airs on June 4th!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

A Blue Bull and a Little Slugger

Saturday was another day at the ballpark watching Noli's team play. She is turning into quite the slugger!

While walking to the concession stand, I came across this.... only in Texas!

What're those yellow circle things? Planets?

Yeah, baseball planets!

Poor Longhorn, lost his ear
(Note that the fire hydrant has a blue top!)

But he has some mighty pretty eyelashes!

The highlight of the day was that Noli was awarded the game ball! She had two base hits and two RBI's -- the second of which was the run that won the game!! Pretty good for a little kid! 

She came running into the dugout, poked her head out and yelled to us, "I won the game!"  I think she knows about the whole team working together, but she was a pretty excited ballplayer at the time! We were pretty excited too!

Here's a video of her famous run, taken by her mama! I swear she's been watching the Rangers play -- just look at those MLB moves!

Little Slugger

A proud Noli with the game ball :)

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