Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ha Ha! Fooled You!! Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Have you ever tried an April Fool prank, only to have it backfire on you?  And maybe you even got in trouble for all your efforts?

Well it happened to me.  I was about 8 or 9 and thought it would be hilarious to put sugar in the salt shaker and salt in the sugar bowl.  This was aimed at my big brother (12 years older).  So he sprinkles his Cheerios with some "sugar," took a big spoonful.......and, well, you can imagine the response!

I got "the lecture" -- now, mind you, even with the difference in age, we were and still are very close.  As a kid I always looked up to him (still do actually) so when I say I was totally embarassed and mortified at his reaction....well, let's just say I don't think I ever performed another prank again.

I did find some "prankishness" as I wandered around Etsy (but no sugar bowls with salt in them)!  Hope your April Fools Day is full of funny stuff that doesn't ruin your bowl of cereal....

Did I do tha-at? Sneak this on your co-worker's desk and let it spill onto their big report…..innocently walk by and see what happens! You wouldn't believe the life-like spills in this shop -- coffee, cocoa, soda, even Snapple! There's even fake food -- cheese and crackers, sugar cubes, butter pats, bowls of soup. Really neat shop. Well, except for the spills! :)  (Spilled Can of Soda by FakeFoodDecor)

"Now where did I leave my teeth?" Put these in a glass and leave them in your guest bathroom -- and just listen to the gossip at your next party!! I think the gold tooth is hilarious!! This shop is full of candles and tarts that look so real that I wouldn't just leave them out on the table!! Somebody might just take a bite!! S'mores, cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, cinnamon buns -- oh my goodness!  (False Teeth Tart Melts by Bright View Country Candles)

 Hide behind these mustaches and nobody will know who you are -- or tell them you just forgot to shave this morning! I really love the pink stitching and flower button on the girl's! This shop has cute mustaches and also has lots of really lovely hair clips, hats, totes, even jewelry and small art works made of wool felt. Most everything out of felt or felted wool. Beautiful.  (His 'n Her Handlebar Mustaches By Glorious Hats)

Like the name implies, this shop has a bag for every season and holiday. This April Fools bag is really cute with its little flaps that hide and then flip up to say "April Fools!" Coming up, there's the sweetest one for May Day with its flowers, birds and sun -- a great bag for spring and summer. And the Fourth of July bag has a flag! All crocheted with beaded accents, these bags are really unique! Go give this new shop some love!!  (April Fools Purse by Season Bags)

Oh my gosh! You can only type "April Fool" on this keyboard! Look closely -- can you see it?  Exchange your spouse's, kid's or that unsuspecting co-worker's keyboard with this one and watch the grins happen! Actually, you can still type normally on it -- the keys are just switched around! (April Fool on you!) (April Fools Keyboard by Andyabel)


Even better, get in early and rig that co-worker's desk -- you know, the one who's always playing jokes. Switch the keyboard, leave the spill, hang the bag on the chair and leave your false teeth in their coffee cup. Just be sure to wear your mustache so they won't know who did it!! All in good fun, of course ;-)

~~~~~ April Fool!!! ~~~~~  

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Frying Chicken and Swinging Doors

I was looking at some old family pictures and came across this one of my mother, taken in 1958.  Doesn't it look like a photo out of a Ladies Home Journal or Good Housekeeping?  I remember this stove -- it was electric and had two really deep drawers at the bottom.  You can't find the deep drawers any more (at least we didn't when shopping for a new stove a couple of years ago).  I can't fit much into my stove's drawers, but Mama could -- kept all her pot lids in one of them. 
It also had this deep fat fryer under the outside back burner.  Our kitchen had a swinging door that was next to the stove and opened into the dining room.  The dining room was an extension of the living room which had a door leading into the hall (always kept open except when my brother was making me wait to see what Santa brought).  From the hall was another entrance into the kitchen. (Are you following this?  I've never been good at directions!)  Anyway, you could run in a complete circle from kitchen to dining room to hall and back to kitchen.

OK, back to the deep fat fryer, which (as a reminder) was on the outside of the stove, next to the swinging door.  So my mother was frying chicken -- I was running through the doors -- my long hair was flowing out behind me -- I know you know where this is leading -- I singed my hair!!! 

Fortunately nothing really bad happened -- except I wasn't allowed to run in the circle anymore :(   My mother, however, did go on to fry more chicken!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Bunnies and Chicks - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail...

I remember well the day that my son (then about 8 or 9) led me into the garage for a "talk."  I knew he meant business when he leaned back against the car, folded his arms across his chest, and said that he wanted the truth"

Adam:  "There isn't really a Santa, is there?"

Me: (knowing I'd better keep a straight face and be truthful...) "Uh, what do you think?"  (putting off the inevitable)  "Well, no, but he is the spirit of giving and it's a special thing that Moms and Dads do for their children, blah blah blah..."  :)

Adam:  "So I guess the same goes for the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy too, huh?"

All at one time!!!  All the fun stuff shot down in a single moment!!  I can see him now, so very serious.  But he did do a good job of keeping the secret from his younger sister!

So, I'm taking that little boy in hand and we're going down the bunny trail today.  Come join us!!

Oh, don't these look good! These petit, one-bite cookies would be perfect in your child's Easter basket -- whoa! don't gobble them up -- they're for your sweet little bunny, you know… OK, better order more than one box so you can satisfy that sweet tooth!  (Easter Sugar Cookies by Truly Scrumptious Cookies)

I love pop-up cards -- they are so fun and so much better than the same old, same old greeting card (you know, where you just run in a grab one while hubby is waiting in the car). Like pop-up books which make the reading definitely more exciting. This little bunny would love to find a new home in someone's Easter basket!  (Basking in Spring Bunny Pop-Up Card by Intertwingle)

Miss E. Chick has found some Easter eggs in the garden and thought they'd go well with your tea and biscuits… I am in awe of this seller's tea cozies -- they are so original and just plain cute! Hop on over to her shop -- you just won't believe what sweetness resides on the top of her cozies!  (Easter Chick Tea Cozy by Tafferty Designs)

A bunch of Egberts! I couldn't pick just one 'cause they're all so cute! Each has a sweet bunny tail backside -- nothing cuter than a bunny tushie! And she even grows her own gourds -- can't get any more handmade than that.  (Egbert the Gourd Egg Bunny by Pinch Me Boutique)

Dress you wee one for hunting Easter eggs in these adorable booties -- and keep their tootsies toasty at the same time! They are made of a felted Shetland wool sweater and the hand embroidery details just finish them beautifully. Cute for boy or girl bunnies!  (Gray Woolly Bunny Slippers by Rustic Patriot Girl) 

 No Easter basket is complete without Peeps® and these will delight any fan, even without the marshmallow! There is cake inside instead! You get 10 of these little guys and you can pick the cake flavor -- how about Cherry Chip or Red Velvet under that yummy yellow outside? Oh my, how absolutely delicious these would be!!  (Easter Chickie Pops by Sarandipity Sweets)  

Thanks for hopping along with Adam and me today -- we had a good time!  And please join me next week for  another Wednesday Wandering...                                    

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sandals, Heels and Boots - Oh My! -- Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

I love shoes! Let me say that again -- I LOVE SHOES!!  If I could, I'd have a pair for every outfit (that is, if I had "outfits" -- now it's basically jeans and sweatpants :)  But I can still love the shoes! I've never been much of a high heel type but they're fun to look at -- maybe on my wanderings today I can find some really wild ones!
Shoe shops here I come!!

Wow! Aren't these gorgeous? With Swarovski crystals all over they'd be perfect for a bride's special day or a sensational gala ball! If you're into bling, this is the shop for you! There's lots of Hello Kitty bling too, everything with Swarovski crystals.  Diamond Snow Icing by Prima Deco.  (New shop - show her some blingy love!!)

Cinderella lost her shoe; the Giddy Spinster found it……..and turned it into a planter ;D This is absolutely the most clever use of a glass slipper that I've ever seen! She removes the top, sands it, drills drainage holes, and plants a succulent in it! Love it!  Stiletto Planter by Giddy Spinster.                        

Butterflies and ladybugs -- how sweet on these wonderfully comfortable slippers. I would definitely feel dressed, even if I had on my jammies! Karmen has lots of beauties in her shop, including some purses that are to die for!! Beautifully made of Italian leather and a suede bottom, the slippers feature butterflies and owls in the design.  Butterfly in Forest by Karmen Sega. (Another brand new shop)

Beautiful… I love clogs and these are just the best around. Such vibrant colors -- these would make you happy every time you put them on! Romney also paints belts to match, and if you'd like to see more, go to her website (check out the designs she did for a building!!)  Starflower Clog by Romney Designs.

Send a bit of elegance with your thank you's! The lily is one of my favorite flowers and I love it on this shoe! You can also get it in a matted print. Lots more awesome shoe designs in her shop -- it was hard picking which one to feature but the lily just put me over the top!!  Lily Greeting Card by Little Brit Art.

Living in Texas, I guess I should own a pair of cowboy boots but, alas, I don't. But I think these are cuter anyway! I love the fringe on the back! Colors to please every little cowboy or cowgirl. And there's even a cowboy hat to match!  Cowboy Booties by Di's Lil' Treasures.

Well, I think I found some pretty good shoes today!!  Glad you could walk along with me and I hope you'll join me next Wednesday to find some more "shops along the way."

And find a leprechaun to kiss! And snag his pot of gold!!!  
(Wooden Leprechaun Doll by The Enchanted Cupboard)

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

~Irish Blessing

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthdays, Ladybugs and Gnomes!!

Noli is four!!! And she says it's a lot easier to hold up four fingers than three, because for three you have to hold your pinkie down. Or it jumps up. And you're four anyway. (giggle)

Here she is in all her all-by-herself face-painted glory, festooned with curly ribbons and bracelets. And enjoying the candy left by the pinata monster! Actually a ladybug.

Cover your eyes! No peeking! But I think they all peeked because the ladybug's dots are just a little bit too perfect!!

Can you see the little gnomes?  This is a cute set that I purchased from Little Red Whimsy on Etsy. There are three little gnomes -- two girls and one boy -- a little mushroom and some special fairy stones.  I also got a leaf bedroom set so the gnomies can take their naps.  With more mushrooms and magic stones.  And a sweet little bag covered in butterflies to put it all in!!  Aren't they just too cute?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personalized for You - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

When I happened across this pillow, I knew where my wanderings were taking me today -- a personalized adventure!
I have always loved to play word games and Scrabble was one of my favorites. When the kids were young we'd play for hours!! We have a friend who carries a Scrabble dictionary wherever he goes, has it handy when he's at a red light!! He's a real Scrabble addict. Has one of those cool boards that turn around. We have just the old regular one with the box falling apart.

This is such a unique pillow design! Of course, each one is custom done and the cool thing is that the names always fit!! It would be great for a wedding gift or something special for granny and grandpa with the grandkids names, or for a special family pillow to throw on the couch. Love it!! (Scrabble Family Pillow by Design Lab 443)

Isn't this beautiful? So perfect for a new mom and dad, or grandparents. She creates all kinds of quilts using your photos; each one is a unique design. Go to her shop to see more of her creations and get some ideas for your own quilt! She also has table runners, placemats and wall hangings. My personal favorites are the tulip table runner and placemats! (Photo Memory Quilt by The Hillbilly Housewife)

I love love love this stool!! Noli would definitely love it (SO much cuter than the Rubbermaid stool she currently uses!) And look! - the legs are painted in zebra stripes and giraffe spots! Butterfly Kisses also makes custom ordered items, painted to your specifications, and of course, personalized. (Jungle Themed Stool by Butterfly Kisses)

These sweet letters would be great in a child's or teen's room (or how about over the bed in the dorm room!). The possibilities are endless! (Of course, the fact that these are my first two initials has nothing to do with my love of them…) Go see! There are lots more letter designs, drawer pulls, wall pegs -- just to name a few.  (Wooden Wall Letters by Simply Made)

Know a little girl who's having a birthday? Give her a cute cupcake with her name on it! You can even choose the number of candles! Give it to her early on her special day and she can wear it to the party! (Birthday Cupcake Ruffle Shirt by Graysie Bug's Boutique)

How totally cute are these? The Posh Bambino is full of neat necessities for the babes - blankets, burp cloths, hooded towels and really neat diaper clutches to hold a few dipes and a matching wipes case to go with. And since we certainly can't leave big brother or sister out -- crayon rolls to keep their colors neat and tidy. All can be personalized!!

(had to include this one -- I'm from Tiger Country!!)  Football Burp Cloth Set by The Posh Bambino.

I hope you enjoyed your personalized Etsy trip today -- I know I had fun!  Be sure to visit each of these great shops -- they have much more to offer than what is shown here!

Please join me next Wednesday to see where my wanderings take me...

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Tale of Two "Starving" Kitties :p

We are patiently waiting.  For our special food.  Our food that comes in a CAN.

We are wondering why we are only getting the DRIED STUFF.

You are getting the evil green eye until you GIVE ME CANNED FOOD.

I do not understand.  I can only sit here and look at you with longing in my eyes.  I do not understand.

Oh my! Poor kitties.  A product of our laziness.

We ran out of canned food (which they get every morning) but of course have two HUGE bags of dried (which stays in their bowl at all times).  But did somebody go to the store for the poor kitties?  Umm, no.  Of course, it wasn't as if they didn't have any food....not like they're starving or anything. 

But, do not let a day go by without the canned stuff!

So their sweet daddy (not me!) went to the store and got their favorite canned food -- made a special trip, mind you -- and what did he get for thanks??

Scarfing down the food and then nonchalantly taking a nap.  Not a thank you in sight.


Oh, to lead the life of a cat.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Luck O' the Irish - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

This cute little colleen is wandering along, looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  She looks and looks but cannot find it -- but she does find a lot of really wonderful things to protect her from pinches on St. Patrick's Day!

                                                                                                             Peanut Butter Bandit - Irish Step Dancer

Don't get caught without your green on St. Pat's Day!!                          

Wearing O' the Green
                                    1. Gigglebugs Designs - Girl's Headband Bow  2. Ragamuffin Design - Little Leprechaun Elf Hat
3. Princess E Marie - Shamrock Earrings   4. Duncan Creative - Emerald Crochet Necklace
5. Desert Diamond Crochet - St. Patrick Day Leprechaun Hat
6.  Bead and Cactus Nest - Green Goddess Cuff Bracelet  7. OMG, Chocolate Frog - YoYo Bracelet 
8. Lush Beads - Luck of the Irish Bracelet   9. Crystal Bouquet - Lucky Leprechaun Tile Necklace
10. Wee Nimble - Lil Leprechaun Onesie or Shirt  11. Art's Daughter - Lucky Four Leaf Clover Pin
12. Spotted Frog Designs - Lucky St.Patricks Day Clover Earrings
13. Beadtanical Garden - Spring Green Flower Hair Clip  14. Homespun Ireland - Kiss Me Fabric Brooch
15. New Hope Beading - Jade Clover Necklace  16. Yellow Yellow Design - Irish Floral Headband

I hope you enjoyed our little walk today, and I guess we did find that pot of gold --- in these Etsy shops!
Please join me next Wednesday to see where my wanderings take me...


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