Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cats Alike

Hewwo, Oliver here... Mommy's been doing that hooky, yarny thing with a cat kitty that looks just like me!


Meowzer! It's in pieces parts! Do you think she'll do the same thing to me? But, since I'm the King Kitty and Boss around here, there's no way I'm letting her get me!

Oh wait a kitty minute here.... she must be practicing to be a kitty doctor 'case look what's happening to that yarny cat kitty.

I feel better now... that kitty has legs just like me. And a tail too. All attached! Whew! That was close -- I was scared for another kitty minute there.

A  long time ago Mommy made another cat kitty that looked like me, but she gave it away to that Noli girl for her birthday. She even got a purple carrier with it.

I thought maybe she'd make a purple carrier for me too, but no, she said she's not going to. I don't care anyway.... whenever I have to go the the kitty doctor I get to ride in mommy's lap, all wrapped up in a towel. It makes me feel safe so I don't want any old carrier anyhow. So the purple one can just be that other kitty's, I don't care. That Noli girl likes it. And she puts other stuff in it besides her kitty -- I saw her!

Don't you think this new kitty looks just like me? 

Of course, I'm more handsome! Hey, wait a minute...
I want a heart patch too!

I think mommy said it was going in her shop, wherever that is.... I hope it's not too far away 'cause I want to play with my look-alike yarny cat kitty sometime!

Sharing Oliver's look-alike yarny cat kitty over at Miss Jenny's for Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter C.


Monday, December 2, 2013

The Tale of Little Tommy Turkey

Yikes, yikes and yikes!! I totally forgot to write about my November challenge for the Blogging Business Artisans team! So I'm posting it anyway, even though it's now December and my project was a.... 

Edi of Memories for Life challenged us to create something with the beautiful colors of fall and to take our inspiration from nature. To me, those colors come from leaves as they turn colors from the green of summer to the yellows, oranges and reds of fall. A turkey has those beautiful colors in its feathers, and of course we all think about turkeys at Thanksgiving time!

This is Little Tommy Turkey and he's awfully glad he didn't wind up at part of somebody's Thanksgiving dinner -- he would much rather be part of the Thanksgiving decorations instead!

He's a little cutie, all round and chubby and with feathers of those beautiful fall colors. He says he's just a tiny little guy so no good for Thanksgiving dinner anyway.... 

To see some more November challenge projects, Turkey Trot over to the BBA Blog!



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