Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oliver goes to the Kitty Doctor

Hewwo -- Oliver here. I'm taking over Mommy's blog to tell you about a scary thing that happened to me. Don't get all cwazy -- it's not a bad bad thing, just a yucky thing.

I had a hurtie in my mouth -- I got one of my toofs stuck on something and I pulled and pulled and finally got away but my toof looked weally funny. I was not a happy kitty. 

I couldn't tell Mommy 'cause she doesn't always understand kitty-speak -- but she does get it when I go stand over my bowl and stare at it. I always get the foodies when I do that, hehe! But anyway, that gettin' stuck thing is what she thinks happened to my toof, and I think it was, too.

My bottom big ripper toof (you know the one -- like an upside-down vampire toof) was STICKING STRAIGHT OUT!!  Oh my, I sure looked funny and it wasn't too comfy either.

Mommy said she thought I looked weird -- like I was trying to be Elvis kitty with the sneer.... 

I looked as sad and hurtie as I could so she would know.  She tried to look in my mouth but I wasn't having anything to do with that! I smacked my tongue around and she had a pretty tuff time seeing in my mouth.

See how I can roll my tongue around? I'm pretty good at doing that! 

So Mommy and Daddy tooked me to the kitty doctor and I was kinda scared at first. I don't really like to ride in the people car and I did a lot of meowing. But that Noli girl was with me and that made me feel better.

I got weighed (oh gosh) and I'm a big boy at 12 pounds! The kitty doctor stuck something in my, um, you know, backside and that was kinda freaky but it was kitty fast and he said my temperature (whatever that is) was normal so I guess that's good.

Then he looked in my ears with a little flashy thingie and then the girl kitty-doctor-helper held open my mouth and I did the tongue smacking thing again but they couldn't find my funny sticking out tooth!

So the kitty doctor said I should have an x-ray. I don't know what an x-ray is but I guess I have one since he said I should...  Ummm, I don't know who that kitty is, but it's not me! Besides, it was my mouth getting the funny picture, not my insides. Anyway....

So Mommy and Daddy and Noli went to the waiting room and cheated on me with two baby kitties named Pearl and Ethel. Noli and the kitties little mama talked and talked about kitties and clothes, just like grown-up girls! 

When the kitty doctor came back, he said that the toof was all the way gone and shouldn't cause me any problems and I wouldn't have to have a toofs operation. Whew! (I was sneaky and swallowed that toofs)

But I'm having to eat canned foodies with extra water in it and I'm not too cwazy about that! 

And then Mommy and Daddy take this thing they call a syringe to squirt waters in my mouth where my not-there-toof was -- I do a LOT of tongue smacking then!

I'll be glad when this is all over and I can have my regular foodies again! and TREATS!! 

But I am back to looking like my always handsome mancat self!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jeepers Creepers! Monster High Dolls!

Have you seen Monster High dolls? Kind of a zombie Barbie....

Noli doesn't have them, but one of her friends does and Mommy sometimes lets her borrow them and bring them home (the better to curb the Puh-leeze Mommy, can I have one? Puh-leeeeeze? conversation). I think Mommy is pretty smart about that.

The problem is, their arms and hands come off easily....
I think it's so you can get their clothes on and off but it's really just a nuisance...

Noli thought it was hysterical that I took a picture of Zombie Girl's  rather curvy body
(no boobs but a definite posterior if you know what I mean)

Here she is relaxing on the chair, showing off her flirty boots.
and her fangs...

OK, her rather "lady of the evening" boots (if you get my drift)
I'm not telling Noli what this one looks like....

It's tiring having to tromp around in those heavy strap-filled boots!
Must rest!


This one's a mermaid -- note the rather greenish color and the webbed fingers.

Nap time! We like to cover up with napkins.

Even though Noli gets a kick out of them, I'm glad Mommy has banned them....

They would probably just end up at my house and I'd have to keep track of all those arms and hands lurking about....

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Scream, You Scream ....

We all scream for ice cream!

OK, I admit it..... I have a real problem with ice cream. I dare not let it into the house, into the freezer....

Because if it's there it calls out my name and 9:00 on the dot I'm drawn into the kitchen for a late evening ice creamy snack. I have no willpower. At all. 

Hubby and I were in the grocery store recently--Blue Bell was on sale--$3 something for what is usually $7.00. He motions to me. No, I say! He says, but we've gotta get it at this price! NO NO I say! 

But it's a new flavor, Orange Sherbet Swirl, he says. I stop. Orange Sherbet Swirl??  It surely won't have as many calories if it has sherbet in it, I think. 

Into the cart it goes. 

Remember that no willpower stuff? With both of us eating it, it's gone in three days. 

And so to commemorate the delicious, creamy yumminess of Orange Sherbet Swirl, I have crocheted a cone. In remembrance.

Because I can never let it in the house again.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

He's Back!

Who did I see waiting for his breakfast this morning??

My sweet little black kitty!  After two whole days -- and nights -- in the wild!

I'm so thankful he is back.... I wish he would tell me about his adventure!

Still sad though, because the golden one is still missing.

But, since the bitty black one found his way back, I am hopeful that the gold one will too.

It's great to see him playing again!

It's a good day!

If you'd like to read the first half of this adventure, please see yesterday's post right here!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Strange Goings-On in the Backyard

Normally, there are seven who gather around the food dish in the mornings -- the two mamas and five kittens.

Chow time

Cali Mae realizes I'm watching

But yesterday was a bit different....

Cali Mae and three of the kittens didn't show up..... all day. 

The strange thing was that she kitten-napped all of Patio's kittens -- the two golden ones and the little black one.

Apparently, she left  her own kittens for Patio to babysit. 
But perhaps they can't tell who's who when they were all born at the same time.

I worried and fussed, and fussed and worried. All day. Darn those kitties for taking a piece of my heart.

But this morning, who should appear but Miss Cali Mae, along with one of the kittens she absconded with yesterday.

So now I worry about the other gold one, and especially the sweet little black one, because he is the smallest of the two litters.

Such a sweetie. My heart is breaking.

The gold and white one is back but not my sweet little black one

Trying to look big and panther-like
I hope it serves him well out in the wild.

It is my hope and my prayer that the two kittens stay together, and return soon.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hanson Rox

So do you remember "MMMMBop" from the pop rock group Hanson?

I do -- my daughter was in Junior High when they first appeared and, oh my, such swooning going on!

left to right -- Isaac, Zac and the ever wonderful Taylor

They appeared locally and I took Stephanie and several of her friends to see. Oh the screaming of high pitched girl voices!

I'm going to marry Taylor, she declared.

Her best friend's mom took them on a road trip to Oklahoma to see them again in concert. They spent the night and the next day found their house (they are from Tulsa). It's just a regular house, Mom! And I touched their mailbox!  Oh my, be still my heart -- their mailbox -- what could be better! They wanted to storm the house and ring the doorbell, but friend mom thought maybe that wouldn't be the best thing to do. 

Hanson posters, Hanson in magazines, Hanson VHS tapes, Hanson CDs. Hanson everywhere in her room!


They were cute guys.... and so young!

Now they have shorter hair..... and a bunch of kids!

Which brings me to an explanation of my title and the spelling of the word "rocks" ....

I am reading Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul -- you've no doubt read it, and if not, you should! Well, I should say I'm re-reading it for the third or fourth time. 

My daughter (the aforementioned Stephanie who was going to marry Taylor) gave me the book for Mother's Day in 1998. She inscribed it with some sweet endearments, and then put

PS -- Hanson rox!  : )

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Growing Crystals

Noli is attending a kids' camp this summer -- it's part of the after school program at her school and they have a special session during the summer. Anyway, when she and my daughter stopped by one afternoon recently, Noli was excited to tell me about an experiment they were doing.

We're growing crystals! she says.

So how do you grow crystals, I ask.

Let's do it! I'll show you how!!  (She's jumping up and down at this point!)

First I got a plastic refrigerator container (I wanted to use something that could be thrown away)

Then Noli put in a bunch of salt (how much salt, Noli?  A bunch, Mumsie!)

Now we put in some food coloring, she says. What color, I ask.  Red and blue so we can make purple! she says.  So we look in the pantry..... only red food coloring there.

OK, I guess we use red! she says. (She is a very "go with the flow" child, thank goodness!)

We add water.... again I ask how much.... and again she says "I don't know..... a bunch!"

We're kinda winging it here.

When she left, I told her I would watch it grow and keep it until she was back. So I nurtured that crystal growing factory just like it was my own, watered it so it didn't get dried out, smiled and said encouraging things to it daily...


It grew up the sides.

and looked like little trees

and kept growing until it was lapping over the sides

and little sparkles were in the bottom

She came over on Sunday which was a little over a week later. How are the crystals doing, Mumsie? 

Whoa! They really grew, didn't they!

And look at all the tiny crystals in the bottom! So shiny like little diamonds, she says!

Next time she's here we're going to do the "Sparkly Explosion" -- she doesn't know it yet, but she'll love it!

It's got glitter! 

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