Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Weighty Lizard

OK, so maybe he's not really a weighty lizard....

But he is a lizard on weights!!

And quite a stretch for the letter W....

Oh well, you can't be wonderful and witty all the time....

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Jenny Matlock


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Varmints among us!

Yosemite Sam, the infamous varmint hunter, always after Bugs

I need Sam to come around and chase off the varmints that show up from time to time in my yard...
(however, he'd have to check his guns at the door)
: )

This fox appeared one morning and pretty much posed for me! 
I put my camera on zoom and stuck it out the door -- I was NOT going out on the patio!
He appeared in the summer of 2010....
(If you want to see more pics, here's the original blog post)

But THIS guy came by recently ....
and didn't stay for long!
Sam, you did your job!!

I think this raccoon was just as startled by me and I was by him!

I haven't actually seen any bunnies around, but I know they're out there.....

This is a ceramic one that I made in an air brushing class. 
He's a little banged up now (Oliver keeps walking over him...)
but he's a part of the family.  Varmint that he is.

And then there are these guys who have apparently adopted us.
But they can stay.
Just so you know, Sam ....

Outside Kitty has been visiting for about a month.
She/He will get about a foot away but the minute you move ....

What a great tail!!

Then along came Big Gray

Now the alarm is out!
Calico found out about the kitty food!

And, last night, Bitty Kitty appeared. 
I'm sure I'll be able to get a better shot another time!
We're wondering if Calico is Bitty Kitty's mom.


So, Yosemite Sam, do your job on the fox and raccoon varmints ....
 but leave the kitties alone!
If you know what's good for you.....

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Jenny Matlock


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Noli

There's a small farm that's close by -- actually inside the city limits of  a nearby town -- that has a pumpkin patch every year for the kids to enjoy. I was browsing through some Noli pics and found these that were taken in October of 2010.

Noli had a grand time!

Ghost pumpkins!

Hmmm..... which one shall I chose?

These are fun!

Oh. this. is. heavy.

Belly shot!!

She always goes for the wartiest ones!

You can tell by her clothes that October is still warm in Texas!!
I'm sitting here in shorts!

Farmer Noli

She was impressed at the size of that tire!
"Bigger than me!"

Hay bale Alamo!

Wait. Did they have polka dot curtains at the Alamo??

My hair isn't tall enough!!

Mommy, you're a silly....

Baby pumpkins!

It's fun to climb on the hay!

It's dark-thirty -- time to go!

See you next year!!

It was a fun time, including a run through the corn maze....
but that's a post for another day!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Umbrellas ~ Oliver Style

Hewwo, Oliver here (aka Boss Kitty). I had to come to mommy's rescue today because she was having a hard time thinking up something for the letter U.


Well, I'm a well educated kitty and know my alphabet....
A is for Awesome
B is for Boss Kitty
C is for Catnip
D is for Don't Bother Me
and so on and so forth....

So I told mommy to quit thinking about silly old unicorns because I had a much better idea!


One day I was snoozing under the drying out umbrella 
and that Noli girl woke me up

I gave her the Oliver evil eye so she'd leave me alone 

But she crawled under anyway

I put up with her because I'm a good kitty....
and mommy seems to like her

But she always tries to steal the show....

She just thinks she's cuter than me....

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

TP'd !!!!

I was driving down a street when I saw this.....

Do kids actually do this anymore?
Well, apparently so :p

Naturally, I thought BLOG!!
and, naturally, I didn't have my camera with me!

So I made a quick run home, and dashed back lest the tp'd parents pull down all that glorious paper waving in the breeze.....

And look at this!
They even got the fire hydrant!
And left some cardboard reminders that they had been there....

When I was in high school, I got tp'd -- I, of course, thought that was the absolute, hands down, best!! 

My father, however, did not share my excitement, and proceeded to have me pick up all the paper on the grass -- while he got out the ladder and got all that he could from the branches. And it was a BIG oak tree!

I begged him to leave it for a day (so others could come by and see, you understand) but no, he had to take it down right then. The yard had to be pristine and who were those rapscallions anyway who would do such a thing? Those rascals. Those scamps. Those scalawags and hooligans.

My friends, that's who!!
and I secretly smiled.

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Jenny Matlock



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