Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Makin' Bread!

My hubby has been bugging me to make bread again so I decided to go ahead and do it today!
A bread machine makes it so easy... (I really have no excuse not to do this every few days...)

Here are all the ingredients assembled -- it's a basic whole wheat bread made with only whole wheat flour. Very good! We'll have it with dinner and then with breakfast in the a.m.
All the ingredients are mixed and now it's ready to bake. Yucky picture, I know.

And here it is ready to eat! Mmm mmm good!
Of course I cheated and had a piece. So yummy gummy in the tummy!

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Kirsty said...

It does look delicious...& hooray - the hover worked. Good on you.

Sarah said...

Hi Kirsty - the hover worked but I wonder why it said Guest and not my name. Hopefully it will iron itself out. Thanks for the comment!

Amanda said...

Yummy looks good, funny my hubby bothers me for break too. I have a breadmaker and also have no excuse haha...

Sarah said...

Hi Amanda - Well, get bakin' girl! I'm originally from LA and Ft. Polk is definitely NOT the place you'd rather be! Fortunately, there's not too many who are there forever!! :)

Anonymous said...

Funny ~ Hubby and I had this same conversation the other day too. We tend to use the breadmaker more for pizza dough.


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