Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Fall/Halloween is just around the corner!! I long for crisp, cool fall weather and leaves that actually change color. TX gets cool about November...
I'm working on the crochet pumpkins right now. The ceramic and wood stuff are things I had forgotten I had. I used to be in craft malls (when they existed around here) and this particular one closed suddenly when the manager ran away with the money -- the crafters' money. The owners closed the shop and when they reopened it, they absorbed it into their antique mall. So, since I had recently decorated my booth with Halloween, this was pretty much what was left. I was poking around in the shed yesterday, and opened a plastic bin and there they were! So I wiped everything off for good measure and took off ribbon or raffia. Now I'll cutesy them up again and they'll go in my soon to open Etsy shop! (Determined to have that done by Sunday)


elk said...

looks festive!

Kirsty said...

Although we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia I'm quite attached to the date & all the ghosty, pumpkiny fun. Your makings look great.

Amanda said...

I love love love fall..And was just thinking about trying my hand at some pumpkins..Yours are splendid!!!

Lyn said...

Hi Sarah!
You must be the queen of crocheting! The pumpkins look fabulous :D They must have taken lots of time and love to finish.
And I've finally figured out what was wrong with my minty pear. I was working with only one loop, when the instructions clearly said TWO.
I'm such a noob! :D

PS: You have such a wonderful blog :)


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