Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you have trouble keeping your place?

Well, this will rescue you!

I thought I would share some of my vast knowledge (wink, wink) with you from time to time --- tips, how-to's, recipes, stuff and since today is Tuesday, I guess it will be called tip o'the day Tuesday.

So to start us off: in rambling around various crochet sites, there have been questions about how to keep up with where you are (always a difficult thing to do, crocheting or just walking around or looking for your car -- I know I parked it right here). Anyway this is what I use...

It's a metal board with a magnetic strip usually found in the cross-stitch section of craft stores.
Very simple device, but a life-saver! Next best thing to chocolate!!

For cross-stitch

For crochet
You can easily use it for keeping up with where you are when crocheting. I put my printed instructions in sheet protectors and then they don't get wrinkled. I also stick on a post-it note when writing down how many times I've repeated a row when instructed.
It also works just as well in a book or pamphlet -- just stick it under the page. With a pamphlet you can also hold it in place by clipping with a binder clip so it doesn't slide out.
If only it would work with the parked car situation!

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