Monday, September 14, 2009

Eye Spy and First Sale!

Eye Spy Season Change

Rain, rain go away... it's been raining since Friday with little let-up. Today has just been drizzle though. I tried to take a picture of the drizzle but all I got was puddles. So I guess that's our season change here in Texas! It doesn't get even cool here until October and sometimes later. I do remember taking the kids trick-or-treating and having to wear a coat but now it's still shorts weather. Global warming perhaps?

My backyard looks like a lagoon!!

See more eye-spys here! And I hope you're a lot drier!!

And, drum roll please!!

I got my first sale on Etsy!!! My store's been open since Sept. 1 and still doesn't have too many listings so I feel pretty dad-gum good about the sale!! I'm crocheting a little pumpkin baby hat right now to add to the Halloween listings. I have renewed etsy excitement!!!


Sally said...

Playing in the mud... so much fun if you're not the person who has to do the laundry!!!
Congratulations re: first etsy sale. That must be a real buzz.

Sarah Slaven said...

Your pumpkins are so cute very clever getting in on the halloween market, congrats


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