Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Creative Space - well, not exactly... (and a freebie cross-stitch to finish)

You may remember this cross-stitch from here . I haven't gotten very far on it in a month.

This is a picture of it finished (in the pattern book).
I was making it for a charity I stitch for that makes blankets for children with terminal and life-long illnesses. You can check them out here. Anyway, each blanket has a deadline and there was no way I was going to make it this time. That's bad enough, but I really began to dislike the pattern and I know that I will never finish it, even for another child. I feel so guilty about this, but I've been talking long and hard to myself and have decided that I will just begin another one with no deadlines (where you don't sign up for a specific child) and go on with life. Also, I have a crochet blanket destined for Project Linus so I will finish up the loose ends (literally) on it and take it to my drop-off place.
Sorry this is so depressing, but I just feel so bad about it. I had decided that I would definitely, absolutely stitch for any child from Texas, and of course this one is -- so there you go, even more guilt...
Hey! I just had an idea -- if anyone reading this would like to finish it, I'll be happy to send it and a copy of the directions to you. It's on 14 count Aida, cut to 13"x13". I should add that I was only going to make the part with the fish bowl and the one cat on the right side so it would fit into the dimensions needed by Love Quilts. The fish bowl part is all half cross stitch. (You'll have to provide your own thread, however...)
Anyway, if you'd like it, please email me via the address on my profile page.
OK, time to get moving again. I'm going to go crochet some scarves and neck warmers for the shop. And then, very soon, start another cross-stitch.

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