Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Creative Space

When Noli is here, we share a creative space -- it's my office/library/computer room/guest bedroom and now, Noli's space too! She's now calling it "my room." Uh-oh. But this is where I work on my stuff while she plays with toys or watches something on Sprout or plays a "peter" game (computer in Noli-eese). I can interact with her and still get a little done. (Emphasis on "little") :)
This yarn is from a project that I had to frog (wasn't working right at all) and rewound on my handy dandy yarn winder. Love it!!

So now it's becoming a lacy scarf. I can't work on it when Miss N. is around since I have to really follow the instructions.

OK this picture just moved and I don't know why. But this is something I can work on when she's around -- a kid's granny square scarf and hat. The stripes part is the hat -- it has four grannies around the top and four pom-poms! (for which I will just HAVE to get a pom-pom maker because I can't make them to my satisfaction using cardboard...) The scarf will have fringe on the ends.

I made this set for Noli for Christmas before last and it's still looking good. I thought I would make another for my little Etsy shop.

Whoops! Gotta go! The ever energetic Miss N. is here!Posted by Picasa

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Kirsty said...

The handy dandy looks like an excellent tool!

pepperberry said...

Love the colors on the granny squares. I have a swift, but I need to get a ball winder!


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