Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

My hubbie makes the best scrambled eggs. They are light and fluffy and buttery and cheesy. Yumminess.

These are the ingredients -- you gotta use REAL butter! No substitutes for us.

Here's all that yummy butteriness melting in our (his) new skillet. ("free" from the grocery store :)

OK, confession: he's chief cook; I'm chief bottle
washer (and kitchenhand, in charge of chopping and peeling!)

Next, mix it all up and add MORE butter.

Add the cheese (that's the dreaded sausages in the little skillet -- a love of my hubbies and not at all of mine.)

Just about ready to enjoy!

Oh, the buttery, cheesy goodness! Perfect with hash browns and an English muffin.
Definitely not for the dieters, but marvelous on a Sunday morning!

1 comment:

pepperberry said...

Those look good! Sadly, eggs at my house come only one way: fried. I'll have to try the recipe.


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