Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cross Stitch Love

Cross stitch is one of my favorite things to do -- I just never have time to devote to it. I mostly stitch for the charity group Love Quilts (button over there on the side bar). They assemble cross-stitch blocks into beautiful quilts for children with life-long or life threatening diseases. The stitchers are from all over the world. There are also Love Quilt groups in other countries.
Unfortunately, due to a computer melt-down, I lost all of my pictures and so only have a few of the most recent ones to post. But here those are, and apologies for the tiny size -- these 3 came from the Love Quilt site and I can't seem to resize them. The Smile one actually came from my camera!

But, you get the idea!
I'm starting one now for a little boy in Texas (I try to always stitch for the Texans since that's where I live...) whose theme is the great outdoors. My design is of four different types of ducks. I haven't gotten far along enough to take pics, but will when you can tell what it is!
And, please, if you have any interest in cross-stitch, visit their site. You'll fall in love with the kids and maybe decide to stitch some blocks!

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