Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Snowy Day in Texas :p

We don't get much snow here but this is typically what it looks like when we do!! Maybe once every few years we get a pretty good snow that sticks around for maybe a day, but usually it's too wet to stick, like this morning.

But there is snow on the windshield of my daughter's car! And across the street are the typical Texas vehicles -- trucks, trucks and more trucks!

This is in the backyard -- I was trying to get a picture of the actual snow coming down. It looks like icicles!This is a clearer shot of the same area but you can't see the snow as well.

And this is a tree in our front yard. Just a day or two ago it was green!

And so, finally, this is the beginning of winter here.
I have lived most of my life in the south, so never got to really experience winter -- only a few days of coat wearing for me! We lived in Colorado (in Avon, near Vail, in what is now (but was not then) Beaver Creek. But one day the owner of the apt building gave everyone a choice: stay for basically another year at higher rent and then move when the conversion was complete, or move. So we moved... (Ah, the love for the year-round resident.) :)
Really loved it and the beauty while I was there! (and if you can imagine winter on the back of a motorcycle -- on the mountains -- well, let me just say I'm glad I was young and invulnerable!)

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