Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday Showcase

I happened upon this blog feature that runs each Sunday and features six different Etsy shops. You can check it out here on her blog or in the Etsy Etc forum. She's also in the Promos forum but I think it's easier to find her in the Etc one.

It's a neat idea -- she asks for participation from shops and posts a theme each week. The upcoming theme for the first showcase for January is "items inspired by the month of January. These items can be for New Years, be zodiac themed/birthstone themed, be calendars or organizational/resolution themed. There is no color specification." (Quoted from her forum)

Be sure to go to her blog because you must comment both there and in the forum to be featured.
This is a recent showcase from December -- the theme was Traditional Christmas.

Pretty neat! And a good promo for your shop. I hope to participate another time -- didn't have anything that fit with the theme this time.

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lightkeeping said...

Congratulations on being featured! Off to check that blog:)


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