Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautiful Flowers Quilt

Handmade quilts are beautiful and carry so many stories within each block and stitch. I have several that have been handed down or were gifts from family members. I would love to share these creations with you and so will post about them from time to time.

This particular quilt actually belongs to my daughter but I love it and it reminds me of some that a favorite aunt of mine quilted. She created beautiful quilts out of double knit polyester fabrics that came from family and friends.

But that's another story...
This quilt was made by my son-in-law's grandmother. It is made of double-knit polyester so it's washable and dryable. All the quilting is done by hand and it's big enough to cover the top of a king-sized bed. I love all the colors -- so bright and cheery!I don't know how the flowers were done, but they kind of pouf up which makes them look three dimentional.
I can't imagine how much time was spent in making this quilt, but I'm sure it was pieced with love. I'm so glad my daughter has it.
So, I'm pleased to share it with you and I'll be back with more another day!


Val Zdero said...

I found you through Silke's blog - what a fun place you have here and the quilts are lovely :D

Sarah said...

Thanks so much, Val -- I'm off to peek at your blog!!


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