Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Lily!

While spending some time at Silke's lovely blog Metamorphosis, I came across a link she had posted about Lily the Black Bear who is being followed in her den by the North American Bear Center. They have set up a "Lily Den Cam" to chronicle her time in the den with her newborn cub and they post updates to give info on Lily.

Photo courtesy of North American Bear Center

Watch the Lily Den Cam here! You'll have to be patient -- she does a lot of sleeping. But when the cub wakes and is demanding food, you'll see quite a bit of activity. The cub cries, mom shifts around and gets pretty animated, the cub nurses and makes these really sweet coos. I saw Lily's head once! She turned and looked right at the camera!

I showed the site to Noli and she was so excited when Lily started moving around and scratching. This began a whole bear discussion:

She's hard to see 'cause it's all black.
If she were white, she would be a polar bear.
Maybe she could be PINK or PURPLE and I could see her better. (much giggling)
Why is the baby crying? Is she hungry? (everything is a girl or "queel" in Noliease)
Is she cold in all that snow?

Fortunately, I had read up on my black bear facts on the site and we had a pretty good conversation. Bear (ha!) in mind that Noli is a month shy of 4 so our best talk was about the colors a bear should be. Pink and purple won out over any other color! After all, Lily IS a "queel" bear.


Silke said...

Oh, that made me laugh, Sarah!! I think Lily would be beautiful in pink!! Definitely!! Hugs, Silke

P.S. And the cub could be purple...

Sarah said...

Great idea, Silke! Out of the mouths of babes...

Salihan said...

How wonderful! I love this story you just shared with us. Your daughter is very perceptive. I'm going to check out the bear cam now. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Salihan -- I love watching the bear!!


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