Saturday, February 27, 2010

Giveaway Goodies! The Posh Bambino

I've blogged about giveaways a couple of times, but now I'm going to introduce a new feature to promote some great giveaways and bring them to you to enter!!

How about Giveaway Goodies and I'll just post them when I find them. 

So keep on the lookout for some awesome freebies!  I will be linking to the shop giving the item, and to the host site so you can follow all the ways to enter.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Just found this cute, cute giveaway!  It's from The Posh Bambino and it's for a free crayon roll up of your choice!  I think this one is especially cute with the ladybugs. If you have a young child or baby, or grandchild, this shop has lots to choose from -- the cutest hooded towels, tote bags, and diaper clutches with matching wipes case (wish I'd had those when mine were babies!).  She also has gift sets if you need something for a baby shower or new mom.

This is the one I would get if I won because it's PURPLE and I would be giving it to Noli whose favorite color is, you guessed it, PURPLE!!

This giveaway is being hosted by The Ivy Twines and ends on March 10, so you still have plenty of time to enter. The Ivy Twines hosts lots of giveaways and if you'd like to know more about how you can enter, go to their "Giveaways 101" to see how it's done.

A purple good luck to you!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Cat's Meow - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

I own two cats, or should I say two cats own me...  Sam and Oliver. Sam is long and skinny; Oliver is short and (very) fat.  Sam meows when he knows you're up, and keeps meowing until he gets fed; Oliver rarely says a word (except, of course, for his powerful purr motor).  Totally different, yet the best of buddies.
Can you tell which is which?

So, on my wanderings today, I'm looking for cats! Funny cats, weird cats, smarty pants cats, clever cat stuff. Let's see what I found!

What a priceless expression! Kitty just does not look happy to be wearing this hat!! "But it's so cute, Kitty, and looks so lovely on you." "Hiss, snarl, bite" says Kitty, but leaves it on because she knows, deep down in her kitty heart, that she is very beautiful indeed.

Love the hat……love the cat......go to Pampered Whiskers to see more (and, yeah, there are some for doggies too).  Plus, part of the proceeds from each sale goes to animal rescue - how great is that!

Isn't this just so typical of cats! Wouldn't you like to do the same?? At my house we say Sam and Oliver have to rest after a full day of sleeping! I love to cross-stitch and try to do a little every day 'cause it's so relaxing. And then I can nap….. Visit Downeast Stitchin' from 1librarylady to see some more cat-isms in cross-stitch! 

Here mousie, mousie……come visit your bestest friend!! Anywhere you hang it, this cat mask will brighten your day and make you smile. It can even be hung outside on your patio or by the front door -- visitors will come in laughing! And I do love the whiskers. Check out Dottie's shop for more Wild Wild Things!

I had a much loved cat once named Domino -- the bestest cat ever EXCEPT when he unrolled the toilet tissue and there was MILES of it all over the bathroom -- and with little kitty claw holes included. This apparently was his favorite and most fun thing to do when no one was at home...  Maybe if he'd had this cat toy, he would have left the real stuff alone (after all, it does have catnip in it!!) Run over to Oh Boy! Cat Toy and see more cute toys for your much loved kitty.

This vintage set is so comical with their chubby cat cheeks! And check out their cute whiskers! There's a cookie jar, teapot, sugar and creamer, and even a grease jar. You gotta admit, it would look so cool on your kitchen counter! See some more cookie jars at  Jazze Junque.
What kid wouldn't love wearing this wild kitty hat!! I know the little kid in my life would. Hats Out Loud has the most colorful and funky hats I've seen -- when I stumbled on this shop, I knew I had to stop in! She has hats for all ages, but I personally love all the animal hats for kids the best. They are just so cute and unique!

Well, I guess that's my shopping experience for the day -- I could go on and on; there's so much cool cat stuff on Etsy! But I'll stop here -- hope ya'll enjoyed my all my nifty kitty finds!

Be sure to stop back next Wednesday to see where my wanderings take me...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Flower Coasters

I'm in the mood for Spring!  How about you?

I wanted to list something in my shop that would be bright and Springy, and also that I could get finished quickly  : )  I'm thinking coasters! 

I love the colors of these and they make me happy, even though the day outside is rather dreary.


I also love the way the flower petals show around your cup.  Even with a bigger base glass or mug, they'd show.  The cup is one from my mother's china - another thing that makes me happy.

Of course, now my mind is racing with all kinds of coaster ideas!!  We'll just have to see what I come up with next!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way - Grapefruit

PINK GRAPEFRUIT, to be exact!

Did you know that February is Grapefruit Month?  I had no idea!  I'll have to run right down to the grocery store and get me some!  My mother had this really cool grapefruit knife that was curved and serrated all around.  Made cutting those little wedges so easy.  The closest thing I have ever found to that was a grapefruit spoon which was serrated around the end.  Didn't work.  So if you ever find a grapefruit knife, let me know!

Grapefruit is one of those things that you either love or hate, but after looking through all the cute Etsy grapefruitiness I found, you'll definitely be in the love category.

It's morning and time to get up. You stumble into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and glance at the wall where this luscious painting looks back at you…

Get out your grapefruit spoon and dig right in! Put out plenty of napkins because the juice will just run down your chin! This original acrylic painting is named "Morning Grapefruit" and looks so real I can just imagine the juice kind of fizzing as you spoon out the fruit. Visit Art by Meg to see her other paintings in her fruit series, plus lovely landscapes and beautiful butterflies. (And she's a new shop in January!) 

Grapefruit is now on your mind so you grab one and slice into it, put bread in the toaster and sit down to a yummy breakfast…

Isn't this cuter than cute?!!  I love pretend food and I really like the felt ones!  This just looks so good -- but don't dare take a big drink of milk!! Yikes! If you've ever done that, you'll know what I mean!  Go to  Little Picklepotamus to totally go off your diet (ok ok, the little ones can play with it too...)  (By the way, isn't that the cutest shop name? And she's pretty new, too.)

 OK, now it's off to work. Still thinking grapefruit, you decide to go ahead and indulge yourself -- have another for lunch! Besides, you have this nifty grapefruit cozy to carry it in and you know everyone at work will love it!

Now here's a great idea -- a Pink Grapefruit Cozy so your grapefruit doesn't get all banged up in your lunch box or picnic basket! What makes this one neat is that it's pink on the inside and a dotty yellow on the outside, just like the real thing. It closes with a zipper and it's stuffed between the layers with fiberfill to cushion your yummy grapefruit in pillowy softness. Go to Stuffed Fruit to see this one and more.

And for dessert, you'll have these yummy grapefruit cookies -- organic to boot! All your best work buddies will be sooo jealous -- maybe, if they're really nice, you'll share.

Jeanettes Patisserie has the most delicious looking goodies in her shop -- your mouth will start watering and your tummy will INSIST that you get some! You really should see the brownies...  And all organic and made from scratch by a self-taught pastry chef.  Wonderful!  Please be sure to visit her new shop!

Grab your new grapefruit coin purse on your way out the door! Talk about your buddies being jealous! Just let them see this -- they'll think you're so cool to be recycling…

Talk about unique! Everyone will be asking where you got it when they see this cool coin purse! It's made out of a juice container and the screw-on lid closes it! (and this one is not from concentrate : )  Great recycling idea! B. Mary Maker has more of these clever coin purses plus some very nifty earrings in her shop.  Check out her sold items and see some more of her recycling cuteness!  

 What a day at work! Now it's time to relax with your new grapefruit bath soak. You lay back in the warm water and ease away all the tensions of the day….

Grapefruit Bath Soak - mmmm, doesn't that sound relaxing? According to the description, "grapefruit can be detoxifying and may also help with muscle fatigue, headaches and mental exhaustion." Now I can tell you, I REALLY need this bath soak! Be sure to check out Cool Therapies; she's brand new to Etsy and has some really yummy scrubs and soaks. 

Hope you like all my "shops found along the way" today. I had a fun time shopping! And now we know, grapefruit is not just for breakfast anymore!!

Be sure to stop back next Wednesday to see where my wanderings take me...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'd Like You to Meet My Neighbors :)

Meet my across-the-street friends -- Mr. and Mrs. Sn-Oh-Man, I'm Cold!!!

There were several teens and little kids and two Great Danes building the snow people. They look like they're about 6 feet tall. Can you see the girl's eyelashes?  The dogs were having the time of their lives!!           
Well, maybe the dogs weren't actually building the snow people....

This is totally unheard of here in north Texas!  It has snowed three different times over the winter and each time it snowed more!  It's supposed to clear out Friday noon though and get in the mid to high 30's.  So far, the news is saying that about 7-9  inches average has fallen.  More to fall all night.

My poor hedges!  Will they ever recover?

This was about 7 am this morning.  I just thought it was a cool shot.

Just had to show you!!

Stay warm!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way - Mardi Gras

Now that the Super Bowl is over and especially since the Saints WON, the New Orleans theme will have to be continued with a visit to Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).  "Laissez les bons temps rouler" - Let the good times roll!

I remember my first Mardi Gras -- I was in high school and believe it or not, my parents let me go!  Unbelievable.  Of course, I might mention that it wasn't THE Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but a smaller one in a neighboring town.  Still, it was Mardi Gras.

I lived in New Orleans for several years (my "moving out of the house and being on my own" time).  Of course, this was made possible because my older brother lived in Slidell which is just across the Ponchartrain River from N.O.  And about 50 miles from where I grew up in Baton Rouge.  Anyway, I experienced the real thing then. 

In honor of that wonderful tradition of floats, crazy costumes, loud music, and "throw me something, Mister" I'm doing a little Mardi Gras shopping.  C'mon, let's go!

The first stop is at Soapalaya Soaps for her very cool King Cake Soap.  The soaps are the colors of a King Cake and even include a little baby... (Tradition says that whoever finds the baby in their slice(s), must provide the cake for the following year.)  If you've never had a King Cake, you must rush to a bakery in Louisiana and get one.  Decadent.  But you don't need to make a trip down south to try the soap - just a visit to the Soapalaya shop.  By the way, she took her shop name from a combination of "soap" and "jamabalaya" (while on your trip to New Orleans, be sure to get some - delicious).  Being a Louisiana girl myself, I love that idea!

This Feather Mask Pin is the perfect thing to jazz up your Mardi Gras outfit! Be sure to check out the shop, they even have Mardi Gras earrings!  Naturally Native Creations is a husband and wife team who live in Louisiana on their own private nature preserve in the beautiful piney woods area.  How cool is that?

And speaking of jazzing up your outfit -- you can keep your identity secret with this beautiful masquerade mask featuring ostrich and peacock feathers and sparkling jewels.  Perfect for that Mardi Gras party you'll be attending!  Run over to The Treasured Petal for this mask -- plus she has some lovely things to get you in the mood for that upcoming spring wedding!

Want to party hardy all night long and keep your head warm at the same time? Then wear this cool crocheted crown! But be careful, don't get too close to the floats or somebody will surely snatch it to make it their own! It's from Flaming Daisies who says her "signature style is lots of color" -- visit her shop and you'll see!  She's got more Mardi Gras hats and, among other things, some very clever polymer clay sculptures.

Party on Bourbon Street in style with this Mardi Gras Sparkle bottle cozy!  Note the Swarovski crystals placed like a bead necklace around the neck of the bottle! It's even got the marabou trim on the bottom!  Priceless.  It's from Savara Gifts and is great for protecting your bottle and also makes a terrific keepsake to remember your Mardi Gras fun!

Speaking of keepsakes...  Remember your good times at Mardi Gras with this Carnival Mask Ornament - made from a light bulb!  What a fantastic recycling idea!  Be sure to visit The Enchanted Owl -- she has ornaments for all kinds of special days, and will even personalize! I love her "Magical Creatures" section -- unicorns, butterflies, ladybugs, owls and more (even the ever wonderful Hello Kitty!).

Hope you like all my "shops found along the way" today.  I had a fun time shopping!  Be sure to stop back next Wednesday to see where my wanderings take me...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waiting for the Super Bowl

May as well go shopping!!

Munchies!  Super Bowl football cookies by Lizzie Jeans Cookies and a Who Dat Cozy to house your favorite brew or soda by Savara Gifts.  These will keep you from starving while you watch all the pre-game stuff! 

Now to accessorize in style - I love this Fleur de Lis Charm Bracelet from kariO Designs.  She's got lots of pretty jewelry, including lots more Fleur de Lis / Saints designs.

And what Saints fan good-puppy wouldn't love to be wearing this! WHO DAT barking for the Saints!  Saints Dog Collar from Gone Doggie.

Ok, ok I guess you can tell I'm a Saints fan!  Well, I'll throw in a couple of Colts items I ran across during my shopping trip... along with a Saints twin.  : )

For your very posh baby:

These are just too sweet!  From Jacquie's Boutique - Saints and Colts Bloomers!

Mustn't leave out the little guys! How about these cutie-patootie Football Cleat Booties from Curious Workmanship. Love the Saints ones! And, I must admit, the Colts ones are just as sweet!

And lest you think that all I'm doing today is Super Bowl shopping, here's a little pincushion I found while using Etsy's Pounce feature.

It's a Birthday Cake Pincushion from a new shop called Funny Little Things.  She just opened her shop in mid-January and is awaiting her first sale -- maybe that first sale will be YOU!!

This sweet pincushion would be equally cute as a special favor for the Birthday girl, young or not-quite-so-young : )  She did say that it might be too cute to stick pins in!

Well, that's it for now -- gotta go get ready for the BIG GAME!! 


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do You Click?

I click on each of these sites every day -- one click is all you need to do and it only takes seconds.  I have a link to the Animal Rescue Site on my toolbar -- that page has tabs across the top which take me to each of the other sites.  Click click and I'm on to the next tab.  You will see small ads for their site sponsors who are billed according to the number of clicks on the site and 100% of the advertising fees goes to their charitable partners. 

The more clicks, the more dollars raised!!

Please consider doing this daily to help out -- easy, easy, easy!  (Scroll down and click on the purple paw print.  That will take you to the Animal Rescue Site and all the other tabs.)  Of course, you can link to whichever one is your personal interest; I just start with the kitties and puppies.

Thanks for helping!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Creative Space

I enjoy participating in My Creative Space on Thursdays -- the problem is, Thursday to almost all who show their wonderful spaces (being mostly in Australia) is actually Wednesday to me!!  (being in the US)And I would post mine and be about number 800 :-) on the list and it would actually be on Friday to all the others.  (Does this make any sense at all?)  Anyway, I decided to try it on Wednesday to me and it would show up as Thursday to all the others!

Oh, this is too confusing -- I think I'll just go look at the other creative spaces and have a lovely, relaxing time.

So, no matter where you are, please go and check out all the neat creative spaces hosted by Kirsty at kootoyoo.

And, now, here's mine!

The makings of a pillow for the team challenge for the Create Crochet Team on Etsy.  The challenge is to make something that is looking toward spring.  Spring always brings images to mind of flowers blooming and I've always wanted to make a pillow, so there we are.  A blooming pillow, full of bright posies growing in a garden! 

Here's a link to the team's blog  -- hop over and see the other entries so far.  Lots of really lovely crochet.

I'm playing with colors right now and just making flowers in various color combinations.  I just want them to be bright!!  I've been wanting to put flowers for embellishments in my Etsy shop, so whichever ones don't go on the pillow, will go there.

Have a glorious day, whichever it is and wherever you are!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Six More Weeks of Winter!!

Personally, I was hoping for Spring!

Here are some fun Punxsutawney Phil facts from the official website. Apparently Phil has been making predictions for 120 years (the same Phil) so he's pretty experienced in weather forecasting. We can count on Phil!!

While browsing Etsy, I found these cute groundhog goodies and had to share! There's a link to each shop, plus if you click on the photos, you will go straight to that listing.

Isn't this just the cutest groundhog you've ever seen? He's so chubby and adorable! (Punxsutawney Phil is so jealous) He is designed and crocheted by the artist. Check out the moonscreations shop and see the other wonderful amigurumi animals -- and particularly Moon Bun (just the sweetest bunny ever!) who apparently likes to play dress-up on occasion.

Since I love to embroider (but haven't in forever) this little groundhog caught my eye. Sara of The Split Stitch sells her patterns which are made from her own artwork -- and let me tell you, she is very talented! I really love one called "Bird Lullaby" with the mama bird singing to her babes; so sweet. And she's got a design for all you football fans .........

(insert GO SAINTS here -- that's me saying that...)

........that would be really cute embroidered on a little boy's overalls. Well, maybe not the spilled beer or the mug, but you get what I mean!

And this one from Laura at ClayCreationsbyLaura just kills me! I guess since Phil saw his shadow and there's 6 more weeks of winter, he'll be hitch-hiking to Florida. If you see him, give the little guy a ride -- his little legs are pretty short and he's really not too used to the highway!

Laura's shop is full of the cutest clay figures -- families, birthdays, all kinds of animals (love the elephants!) and dogs -- I told myself, "self, must remember the pug for a certain granddaughter!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ So, please check out these fabulous shops for some terrific handmade goodies! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

By the way, this is the kickoff of a weekly feature I'm starting called "Wednesday Wanderings, and the Shops Found Along the Way". OK, I know this is not Wednesday, but I didn't think Phil would wait that long to appear! I thought it would be fun to blog about whatever pops into my head and then find Etsy shops to tie in with the theme. Sort of a themed maze, puzzle, shopping trip. Should be fun -- so please plan to join me on Wednesdays!!


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