Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do You Click?

I click on each of these sites every day -- one click is all you need to do and it only takes seconds.  I have a link to the Animal Rescue Site on my toolbar -- that page has tabs across the top which take me to each of the other sites.  Click click and I'm on to the next tab.  You will see small ads for their site sponsors who are billed according to the number of clicks on the site and 100% of the advertising fees goes to their charitable partners. 

The more clicks, the more dollars raised!!

Please consider doing this daily to help out -- easy, easy, easy!  (Scroll down and click on the purple paw print.  That will take you to the Animal Rescue Site and all the other tabs.)  Of course, you can link to whichever one is your personal interest; I just start with the kitties and puppies.

Thanks for helping!

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