Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'd Like You to Meet My Neighbors :)

Meet my across-the-street friends -- Mr. and Mrs. Sn-Oh-Man, I'm Cold!!!

There were several teens and little kids and two Great Danes building the snow people. They look like they're about 6 feet tall. Can you see the girl's eyelashes?  The dogs were having the time of their lives!!           
Well, maybe the dogs weren't actually building the snow people....

This is totally unheard of here in north Texas!  It has snowed three different times over the winter and each time it snowed more!  It's supposed to clear out Friday noon though and get in the mid to high 30's.  So far, the news is saying that about 7-9  inches average has fallen.  More to fall all night.

My poor hedges!  Will they ever recover?

This was about 7 am this morning.  I just thought it was a cool shot.

Just had to show you!!

Stay warm!!

1 comment:

Daniela & Andreas said...

Hi Magnolia Surprise,

I love your Mr. and Mrs. Sn-Oh-Man - neighbours, they are great and the 7am shoot is pretty cool.



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