Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Creative Space

I enjoy participating in My Creative Space on Thursdays -- the problem is, Thursday to almost all who show their wonderful spaces (being mostly in Australia) is actually Wednesday to me!!  (being in the US)And I would post mine and be about number 800 :-) on the list and it would actually be on Friday to all the others.  (Does this make any sense at all?)  Anyway, I decided to try it on Wednesday to me and it would show up as Thursday to all the others!

Oh, this is too confusing -- I think I'll just go look at the other creative spaces and have a lovely, relaxing time.

So, no matter where you are, please go and check out all the neat creative spaces hosted by Kirsty at kootoyoo.

And, now, here's mine!

The makings of a pillow for the team challenge for the Create Crochet Team on Etsy.  The challenge is to make something that is looking toward spring.  Spring always brings images to mind of flowers blooming and I've always wanted to make a pillow, so there we are.  A blooming pillow, full of bright posies growing in a garden! 

Here's a link to the team's blog  -- hop over and see the other entries so far.  Lots of really lovely crochet.

I'm playing with colors right now and just making flowers in various color combinations.  I just want them to be bright!!  I've been wanting to put flowers for embellishments in my Etsy shop, so whichever ones don't go on the pillow, will go there.

Have a glorious day, whichever it is and wherever you are!!


Kirsty said...

Yes, yes post on Wednesday.

These brights are really lovely.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

Now if you think the Wednesday/Thursday thing is getting complicated ... we are looking toward autumn rather than spring here. Its all topsy turvy!

squareby said...

Thanks for stopping by! Those colors are really great. I always seem to forget about the time difference too, so I guess I'll have to start posting on Wednesdays!

Sarah said...

I know exactly what you mean about the time difference!! Love those cheerful bright flowers.

yardage girl said...

The flowers are very cheerful - fingers crossed that spring comes sooner rather than later for you! Nic


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