Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way - Grapefruit

PINK GRAPEFRUIT, to be exact!

Did you know that February is Grapefruit Month?  I had no idea!  I'll have to run right down to the grocery store and get me some!  My mother had this really cool grapefruit knife that was curved and serrated all around.  Made cutting those little wedges so easy.  The closest thing I have ever found to that was a grapefruit spoon which was serrated around the end.  Didn't work.  So if you ever find a grapefruit knife, let me know!

Grapefruit is one of those things that you either love or hate, but after looking through all the cute Etsy grapefruitiness I found, you'll definitely be in the love category.

It's morning and time to get up. You stumble into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and glance at the wall where this luscious painting looks back at you…

Get out your grapefruit spoon and dig right in! Put out plenty of napkins because the juice will just run down your chin! This original acrylic painting is named "Morning Grapefruit" and looks so real I can just imagine the juice kind of fizzing as you spoon out the fruit. Visit Art by Meg to see her other paintings in her fruit series, plus lovely landscapes and beautiful butterflies. (And she's a new shop in January!) 

Grapefruit is now on your mind so you grab one and slice into it, put bread in the toaster and sit down to a yummy breakfast…

Isn't this cuter than cute?!!  I love pretend food and I really like the felt ones!  This just looks so good -- but don't dare take a big drink of milk!! Yikes! If you've ever done that, you'll know what I mean!  Go to  Little Picklepotamus to totally go off your diet (ok ok, the little ones can play with it too...)  (By the way, isn't that the cutest shop name? And she's pretty new, too.)

 OK, now it's off to work. Still thinking grapefruit, you decide to go ahead and indulge yourself -- have another for lunch! Besides, you have this nifty grapefruit cozy to carry it in and you know everyone at work will love it!

Now here's a great idea -- a Pink Grapefruit Cozy so your grapefruit doesn't get all banged up in your lunch box or picnic basket! What makes this one neat is that it's pink on the inside and a dotty yellow on the outside, just like the real thing. It closes with a zipper and it's stuffed between the layers with fiberfill to cushion your yummy grapefruit in pillowy softness. Go to Stuffed Fruit to see this one and more.

And for dessert, you'll have these yummy grapefruit cookies -- organic to boot! All your best work buddies will be sooo jealous -- maybe, if they're really nice, you'll share.

Jeanettes Patisserie has the most delicious looking goodies in her shop -- your mouth will start watering and your tummy will INSIST that you get some! You really should see the brownies...  And all organic and made from scratch by a self-taught pastry chef.  Wonderful!  Please be sure to visit her new shop!

Grab your new grapefruit coin purse on your way out the door! Talk about your buddies being jealous! Just let them see this -- they'll think you're so cool to be recycling…

Talk about unique! Everyone will be asking where you got it when they see this cool coin purse! It's made out of a juice container and the screw-on lid closes it! (and this one is not from concentrate : )  Great recycling idea! B. Mary Maker has more of these clever coin purses plus some very nifty earrings in her shop.  Check out her sold items and see some more of her recycling cuteness!  

 What a day at work! Now it's time to relax with your new grapefruit bath soak. You lay back in the warm water and ease away all the tensions of the day….

Grapefruit Bath Soak - mmmm, doesn't that sound relaxing? According to the description, "grapefruit can be detoxifying and may also help with muscle fatigue, headaches and mental exhaustion." Now I can tell you, I REALLY need this bath soak! Be sure to check out Cool Therapies; she's brand new to Etsy and has some really yummy scrubs and soaks. 

Hope you like all my "shops found along the way" today. I had a fun time shopping! And now we know, grapefruit is not just for breakfast anymore!!

Be sure to stop back next Wednesday to see where my wanderings take me...


Sharon said...

What a fabulous idea for a post! It was perfectly topical and creatively done. All the featured items are fun and it surely makes me want to go get some grapefruit on the way to the office. Think I'll have some for lunch today!


Blue & White Wear said...

Who knew grapefruit could be so popular!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Thanks for ya'll's (can that be right? oh well, southernese..) comments. I had a lot of fun doing this post!


Rebecca - iceblueberries said...

I absolutely love the grapefruit acrylic. When I was pregnant I craved grapefruit more than anything in the world. This brigs me back!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Hi Rebecca - it was ice cream for me (no pickles though!!)

Chelsea said...

Wow, I had no idea February was grapefruit month either! I love some cold grapefruit with just a little sugar on top...great blog post, and best wishes! I found you through the Etsy blog forums


kayjayoh said...

Really? Grapefruit month? I'm sold. I love grapefruit. <heads to produce section> NOMNOMNOM

And those are some mouthwatering selections you are featuring, too.


Kate and Oli said...

I found your blog through the Etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that your blog is lovely! Have a beautiful weekend!

xo, Katie


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