Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthdays, Ladybugs and Gnomes!!

Noli is four!!! And she says it's a lot easier to hold up four fingers than three, because for three you have to hold your pinkie down. Or it jumps up. And you're four anyway. (giggle)

Here she is in all her all-by-herself face-painted glory, festooned with curly ribbons and bracelets. And enjoying the candy left by the pinata monster! Actually a ladybug.

Cover your eyes! No peeking! But I think they all peeked because the ladybug's dots are just a little bit too perfect!!

Can you see the little gnomes?  This is a cute set that I purchased from Little Red Whimsy on Etsy. There are three little gnomes -- two girls and one boy -- a little mushroom and some special fairy stones.  I also got a leaf bedroom set so the gnomies can take their naps.  With more mushrooms and magic stones.  And a sweet little bag covered in butterflies to put it all in!!  Aren't they just too cute?


Susan Schrock said...

Super cute finds!

Dave Anderson said...

Oh those boots are so cute. I got myself a one year old daughter and am going to get my wife to take a look at these. Although I don't live in Texas but my wife's father does. We live here in AZ so about the same right! Not really but we still like the boots!


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