Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Bunnies and Chicks - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail...

I remember well the day that my son (then about 8 or 9) led me into the garage for a "talk."  I knew he meant business when he leaned back against the car, folded his arms across his chest, and said that he wanted the truth"

Adam:  "There isn't really a Santa, is there?"

Me: (knowing I'd better keep a straight face and be truthful...) "Uh, what do you think?"  (putting off the inevitable)  "Well, no, but he is the spirit of giving and it's a special thing that Moms and Dads do for their children, blah blah blah..."  :)

Adam:  "So I guess the same goes for the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy too, huh?"

All at one time!!!  All the fun stuff shot down in a single moment!!  I can see him now, so very serious.  But he did do a good job of keeping the secret from his younger sister!

So, I'm taking that little boy in hand and we're going down the bunny trail today.  Come join us!!

Oh, don't these look good! These petit, one-bite cookies would be perfect in your child's Easter basket -- whoa! don't gobble them up -- they're for your sweet little bunny, you know… OK, better order more than one box so you can satisfy that sweet tooth!  (Easter Sugar Cookies by Truly Scrumptious Cookies)

I love pop-up cards -- they are so fun and so much better than the same old, same old greeting card (you know, where you just run in a grab one while hubby is waiting in the car). Like pop-up books which make the reading definitely more exciting. This little bunny would love to find a new home in someone's Easter basket!  (Basking in Spring Bunny Pop-Up Card by Intertwingle)

Miss E. Chick has found some Easter eggs in the garden and thought they'd go well with your tea and biscuits… I am in awe of this seller's tea cozies -- they are so original and just plain cute! Hop on over to her shop -- you just won't believe what sweetness resides on the top of her cozies!  (Easter Chick Tea Cozy by Tafferty Designs)

A bunch of Egberts! I couldn't pick just one 'cause they're all so cute! Each has a sweet bunny tail backside -- nothing cuter than a bunny tushie! And she even grows her own gourds -- can't get any more handmade than that.  (Egbert the Gourd Egg Bunny by Pinch Me Boutique)

Dress you wee one for hunting Easter eggs in these adorable booties -- and keep their tootsies toasty at the same time! They are made of a felted Shetland wool sweater and the hand embroidery details just finish them beautifully. Cute for boy or girl bunnies!  (Gray Woolly Bunny Slippers by Rustic Patriot Girl) 

 No Easter basket is complete without Peeps® and these will delight any fan, even without the marshmallow! There is cake inside instead! You get 10 of these little guys and you can pick the cake flavor -- how about Cherry Chip or Red Velvet under that yummy yellow outside? Oh my, how absolutely delicious these would be!!  (Easter Chickie Pops by Sarandipity Sweets)  

Thanks for hopping along with Adam and me today -- we had a good time!  And please join me next week for  another Wednesday Wandering...                                    


Sara said...

Oh goodness, this list is just so, so CUTE! And those Woolly Bunny Slippers are just to die for!!

Thank you for including the Chickie Pops with such adorable stuff!

♥ sara (aka Sarandipity Sweets)

Karin said...

Oh my I dread the day of the "talk" with my darling boy. This is a wonderful ode to the bunny thank you for including my pop-up baby.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

My thanks go to both of you!!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

That bunny paper cut card is too cute!

artsyclay said...

All adorable! They really get me in the Easter spirit!


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