Sunday, March 28, 2010

Frying Chicken and Swinging Doors

I was looking at some old family pictures and came across this one of my mother, taken in 1958.  Doesn't it look like a photo out of a Ladies Home Journal or Good Housekeeping?  I remember this stove -- it was electric and had two really deep drawers at the bottom.  You can't find the deep drawers any more (at least we didn't when shopping for a new stove a couple of years ago).  I can't fit much into my stove's drawers, but Mama could -- kept all her pot lids in one of them. 
It also had this deep fat fryer under the outside back burner.  Our kitchen had a swinging door that was next to the stove and opened into the dining room.  The dining room was an extension of the living room which had a door leading into the hall (always kept open except when my brother was making me wait to see what Santa brought).  From the hall was another entrance into the kitchen. (Are you following this?  I've never been good at directions!)  Anyway, you could run in a complete circle from kitchen to dining room to hall and back to kitchen.

OK, back to the deep fat fryer, which (as a reminder) was on the outside of the stove, next to the swinging door.  So my mother was frying chicken -- I was running through the doors -- my long hair was flowing out behind me -- I know you know where this is leading -- I singed my hair!!! 

Fortunately nothing really bad happened -- except I wasn't allowed to run in the circle anymore :(   My mother, however, did go on to fry more chicken!!


Christie Cottage said...

What a wonderful picture and such fond memories of your childhood!

drummbellina said...

I love the picture! There's something about old photos of women being domestic that I really like :)


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