Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personalized for You - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

When I happened across this pillow, I knew where my wanderings were taking me today -- a personalized adventure!
I have always loved to play word games and Scrabble was one of my favorites. When the kids were young we'd play for hours!! We have a friend who carries a Scrabble dictionary wherever he goes, has it handy when he's at a red light!! He's a real Scrabble addict. Has one of those cool boards that turn around. We have just the old regular one with the box falling apart.

This is such a unique pillow design! Of course, each one is custom done and the cool thing is that the names always fit!! It would be great for a wedding gift or something special for granny and grandpa with the grandkids names, or for a special family pillow to throw on the couch. Love it!! (Scrabble Family Pillow by Design Lab 443)

Isn't this beautiful? So perfect for a new mom and dad, or grandparents. She creates all kinds of quilts using your photos; each one is a unique design. Go to her shop to see more of her creations and get some ideas for your own quilt! She also has table runners, placemats and wall hangings. My personal favorites are the tulip table runner and placemats! (Photo Memory Quilt by The Hillbilly Housewife)

I love love love this stool!! Noli would definitely love it (SO much cuter than the Rubbermaid stool she currently uses!) And look! - the legs are painted in zebra stripes and giraffe spots! Butterfly Kisses also makes custom ordered items, painted to your specifications, and of course, personalized. (Jungle Themed Stool by Butterfly Kisses)

These sweet letters would be great in a child's or teen's room (or how about over the bed in the dorm room!). The possibilities are endless! (Of course, the fact that these are my first two initials has nothing to do with my love of them…) Go see! There are lots more letter designs, drawer pulls, wall pegs -- just to name a few.  (Wooden Wall Letters by Simply Made)

Know a little girl who's having a birthday? Give her a cute cupcake with her name on it! You can even choose the number of candles! Give it to her early on her special day and she can wear it to the party! (Birthday Cupcake Ruffle Shirt by Graysie Bug's Boutique)

How totally cute are these? The Posh Bambino is full of neat necessities for the babes - blankets, burp cloths, hooded towels and really neat diaper clutches to hold a few dipes and a matching wipes case to go with. And since we certainly can't leave big brother or sister out -- crayon rolls to keep their colors neat and tidy. All can be personalized!!

(had to include this one -- I'm from Tiger Country!!)  Football Burp Cloth Set by The Posh Bambino.

I hope you enjoyed your personalized Etsy trip today -- I know I had fun!  Be sure to visit each of these great shops -- they have much more to offer than what is shown here!

Please join me next Wednesday to see where my wanderings take me...


Tracy said...

I love all these custom items, thank you for including my scrabble pillow!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Tracy - you are most welcome - it was definitely my pleasure! I really love those pillows!!


Aldona said...

Thank you for following!Your blog is so lovely!

PaperFlora2 said...

I love that scrabble pillow-

thanks for following my blog

Piggy said...

Great selection and picks! It's really enjoyable following you through your wondering Etsy trip :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier.

God Bless

cabin + cub said...

Love the scrabble pillow.... that is too cute! ;)

SleightGirl said...

I love all the custom things, but that scrabble pillow is definitely my favorite.

Sarah Slaven said...

I love the scrabble pillow, great find.


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