Monday, March 8, 2010

A Tale of Two "Starving" Kitties :p

We are patiently waiting.  For our special food.  Our food that comes in a CAN.

We are wondering why we are only getting the DRIED STUFF.

You are getting the evil green eye until you GIVE ME CANNED FOOD.

I do not understand.  I can only sit here and look at you with longing in my eyes.  I do not understand.

Oh my! Poor kitties.  A product of our laziness.

We ran out of canned food (which they get every morning) but of course have two HUGE bags of dried (which stays in their bowl at all times).  But did somebody go to the store for the poor kitties?  Umm, no.  Of course, it wasn't as if they didn't have any food....not like they're starving or anything. 

But, do not let a day go by without the canned stuff!

So their sweet daddy (not me!) went to the store and got their favorite canned food -- made a special trip, mind you -- and what did he get for thanks??

Scarfing down the food and then nonchalantly taking a nap.  Not a thank you in sight.


Oh, to lead the life of a cat.


EtsyFoodSnob said...

Thanks for following me! I *love* this post - I'm a kitty fanatic :)

The Art of Gwen - Gwen Duda's Fine Art Studio said...

Oh yes, the Evil Green Eye. Know that one alright. Usually happens though when I have outlived my usefulness of backscratcher or have petted her highness a bit too long.

Well with my cat, it's the opposite. She would LOVE if I just gave her dry food but she can't have it as she has U.T.I problems with that so canned it always is and she's kind of, meh, with that.


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