Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Garden - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

I haven't planted a garden in years -- but I'm thinking about one for this year. Of course, I'd better quit thinking and start digging if I'm going to have any veggies this year!! I'm going to make it a container garden -- my backyard doesn't afford me the perfect place (too many trees) so I may have to move things around a bit.
Here's evidence that I have actually had a garden in the past! My son, with veggies that we had just picked.

Come join me as I wander through the Etsy gardens and let's see what goodies we can find (and the young Adam can tag along)...
I love these markers! I want to plant a bunch of herbs just to be able to use them! They can be made with whatever wording you want -- hmmm, I'll bet they could be used for veggies too!!! (Vintage Silverware Garden Markers by Wooden Hive)
This would make watering the veggies fun! I love the blue color -- just makes me happy. The old metal watering cans are so much cooler than those plastic ones... This vintage shop has lots to look at -- check out the toys section for some really great finds! (Watering Can by Bluebonnet Fields)
I actually like cabbage! Just cabbage, cooked in the microwave, with a little butter (well, OK, a lot). Yum. But I think I like these earrings better! Check out the shop -- you'll get hungry looking at all the foodies! (Cabbage Earrings by Shay Aaron)
When you're through digging in the garden, you could "plant" this guy! He's made of recycled garden tools and I know he'd be happy to be your garden guard and ward off all those pesky bugs….. His name is Bonita Bird and he is such a "rakish" fellow (get it? Rakish fellow?). He's a big one -- 41 inches tall and a wingspan of 40 inches -- a weed wouldn't even think about growing in his presence! (Tropical Bird Sculpture by Dana Carrera Designs)
So what do you do with all those veggies you're growing? Make a salad! Isn't this the cutest? Everything straight out of the garden - just rinse it off and cut it up! (Well, maybe not the eggs!) I just love felt food and this shop has lots to offer. (Tossed Salad by EvaLauryn Gifts)
Thanks for strolling through the garden with me -- and come back next week for more Wednesday Wanderings!  You'll never know what we'll find..... 


Mollimoo said...

Great picks! Thank you for your comment over on my blog too x

Glorious Hats said...

What a fab assortment of garden goodness.

Groovy Pumpkin said...

What wonderful photos - my son and I planted some mixed flower seeds in a pot today. He wants to grow carrots, so I'll be going out to buy some seeds tomorrow!! I really like those spoon markers - what a great idea!!

Jane xx

Plantress said...

love the sculpture. We are starting a community garden at work!

lisaroy said...

great finds! love the spoon markers.


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