Friday, May 21, 2010

Giveaway Goodies!

I found this really nice giveaway for a bar of natural, organic soap with juniper berries and wanted to share. 
The giveaway is sponsored by the Made in Vermont Etsy Street Team and following that link will give you all the pertinent info.

Doesn't this soap look yummy!

The lovely shop with the lovely soaps is All Things Simple -- they also have natural, Waldorf inspired wooden and felted toys for children. This interests me because Noli is being raised as a natural kid and she would love everything in this shop! There are play silks, wooden puzzles, felted and wooden eggs, and the cutest bowling set you've ever seen! If you're raising your child in the natual way, or if you love handmade, organic soaps, this is the shop for you!!

So, enter to win but bear in mind that I REALLY want that bar of soap so I'm not saying "good luck" -- heh heh!  ;)

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