Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pop Tarts, a Secret Delight - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Do you secretly love Pop Tarts? Do you stand in the pantry and eat them without toasting 'cause you just can't wait? Or do you toast them to perfection, place them nicely on a plate, pour a glass of milk and don't care who knows it?

I think I fall into the second category although I've been know to sneak them as a late night snack. But I do take the time to toast...

I recently finished and listed some "Toaster Pastry Coasters" aka Pop Tarts, in my shop. That got me to thinking about what other Pop Tarts delights I might find. So my stroll through the Etsy shops today takes me looking for that exquisite pastry.

C'mon -- I'm hungry!

Here's a fun way to keep your iPod snug -- a blueberry pop tart cozy complete with blueberry "filling" on the inside! Absolutely essential while we walk along the Ersy sidewalk! iPod/Cell Phone Cozy by Curious Pug

This one will never tell when you switch her on so you don't stumble in the dark on your way to …… Pop Tarts of course! And check out how girly she is with all her rhinestone sprinkles! Hand Painted Switchplate by Mitsel8

What would you put in a Pop Tarts bag? Your Pop Tart stash of course! This pouch is made from a real Pop Tarts box, covered in  vinyl, and with a yummy blueberry lining!!
Pop Tarts Junk Food Bag/Zipper Pouch/Coin Purse by Beadlove2211

These cherry pastries have sprinkles of pink sequins and chocolate French knots and an organic cotton filling! (See, they can be good for you!!) Lots of the cutest yummy goodies in this shop!
Little Pink Toaster Pastries by Eva Lauryn

Couldn't resist! Like the description says, these "look so real you might head over to the toaster instead of the tart burner!" I've featured this shop before, but these were so delightful I couldn't pass them by!!
Toaster Pastry Tart Melt by Bright View Candles

And what little doggie wouldn't eat a Pop Tart if given half a chance!! Blueberry with chocolate sprinkles perhaps? Squeeky toy for your favorite pooch so he won't feel left out while you're snacking on your tart.
Pop Tart Squeeky Dog Toy by Pampered Poochie

Now you can wear your favorite breakfast treat on your finger -- and remember how yummy it was throughout the day! Too, too cute! Frosted Pop Tart Ring by The Sprinkle Factory

And last, but certainly not least.....drum roll please.....

A NEW FLAVOR!!  And don't worry -- fins ARE included! This is priceless -- great fun art for your lake cabin kitchen or anywhere you want to hang it!!  Tuna Tarts Matted Fish Print by Trixie's Fun Fish Art (billfishart)

And here I am going to shamelessly show off my new creation ---

Pop Tart Coasters, the Chocolate Collection!! Made as close to the real ones as I could!

So, thanks for wandering along with me -- let's go have some lunch, with pop tarts for dessert!!!

Please join me on my next Wednesday Wanderings -- who knows what goodies I'll find!!


Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi Sarah, that was interesting!! - I've not seen Pop Tarts before, but they look good - particularly your coasters!!

Have a great day - Jane xx

PS, come on over to my Blog - I'm running a 1st Birthday competition!!

Plantress said...

these are hilarious! I love the ring and the pillow. Some really did look like the real thing. We had these so much when the kids were little. Perhaps its time to revisit them

Sher said...

Did you think that you'd get another comment on this post a year later? I saw the poptarts in the little box and had to click it. Your poptart coasters are so cute. I'm a poptart addict. I have one almost every morning before work, have for years. My favorites are the chocolate chip and frosted cherry. Yummmmm!


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