Monday, June 7, 2010

Honing My Hooking :) Question of the Week

This week's question from my Etsy team, Create Crochet, asks "How do you continue to hone your craft (crochet) and what do you do to learn more?"

Noli, "needling" while I crochet

This is an easy one! I use a combination of crochet books and the internet. I have a pretty good collection of books and pattern pamphlets and also get them from the library. I can turn to these when I'm trying to decide on something to make - they are great for inspiration!

My favorite "how-to" book is "200 Crochet Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets" by Jan Eaton. I waited until I had a 50% off coupon from JoAnn's and bought it then!! :) It's an excellent source book and I have learned a lot of "trade secrets" from it.

I'm never without a book to read (usually fiction) and so go to the library pretty often. I always look to see if there are any new releases in the crochet/craft/cross-stitch area, plus I have some favorites that I check out from time to time. I am fortunate to live where there are several towns close by (it's like they are all one town) and so have three libraries that I use all the time, and have cards for a couple more if I want to go a little farther. (Here's something neat: one of them lets you renew up to 100 times! Can you believe that!! Very handy when it's 11:30pm and you just remembered that your books are due that day!! Jump up and run to the computer to renew!!)

Of course, the internet is a treasure trove of information and I'm always googling something! I have a number of crochet sites that I like to peruse: Crochet Pattern Central and Crochet & Craft Links Index are two that are good ones -- there's a lot to see, and a lot of ideas! Yarn companies are a good source also.

And, last but certainly not least, Etsy!  I could spend weeks just browsing through it! I love to look at what's out there in crochet, and also in other crafts. There is so much amazing talent!

I have thought about joining Ravelry but haven't yet. If any of you have, let me know what you think!!


Winklepots said...

What a great idea for helping out the team with a question you all answer. :o) I also like to check out books from the library or use google to learn new techniques.

Mamta said...

Another bookworm like me. I love books too and can you guess, craft books. I've loads of them.

Noli seems to be pretty intent on learning, Gl to her.

We get inspirations from everywhere, isn't it?


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